Wednesday, January 14

i could lick your face

i looked into the eyes of a most beautiful being and uttered the words "you in all your wonder are irrelevant to my happiness."

i utterly adore the gifts of this life. the beautiful beings that allow me to bask in their everything. there is so much love and brilliance that pours through so many faces in my world. and i often walk into my entanglements with a kind of appreciation that words can't convey. it's endless. and "i adore you" doesn't say enough. i mean...i could really lick all their faces with gusto!

but i often wake up to face the solidity of my own detachment. except it isn't detachment. it isn't non-attachment. it isn't some concept being practiced. it is a realization that the stream of joy and the energy that we call happiness flows through me irregardless of the conditions and beautiful faces facing me. life has designed it all so that all wholeness and fulfillment rest nestled in the crevasses of your entire being. it is all within.

my connection to Self depends on no one. my Self connections rests on nothing outside. my family has nothing to do with the body i sport. my relationships have nothing to do with the players involved. for what i adore and what adores me is this Self in all - That which rests brightly in between the spaces of our skin. my family is Self. my true love is Self. my relationship is with Self. my Being is Self. there is nothing else.

once in a while someone will come in and say "but i am your" so and so. i could scream YOU ARE NOT and be done with it but words never teach and the reality each creates is his or her own to do with what they will.

yet i know doubtlessly that this uncontainable power that you are is all i see when i look at you. and not the conceptual play things you don. you are the embodiment of a magnificence that is EVERYWHERE.

freedom are never responsible for my happiness. THAT is not your burden. for Life has created each WHOLE without condition...unconditionally. and if ever you think that you have to stand on your head to please another, you are forgetting who they are and who you are. you are forgetting the individual perfection with which every being is crafted.

it's simple really. i love. deeply. but i do so in freedom.

in Wholeness,

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