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the sweetness within...

Oh sweet Life,

i adore you more than words can say. have i said that already? have i worn out the words? are they beaten and faded now?

dare i tell you, that i don't care? i can't stop saying it. and i won't.

life's generosity begins with the love that brews and stirs itself within our own skin. it is a given. endlessly flowing within and ever ready to be recognized. Self recognition...Self nothing more than knowing that you yourself are love. but oh how these words fail to encapsulate the vastness...the immensity of That which you truly are...

everything that is coming to me of late feels like a love song from the unseen. i see it. everywhere. love is everywhere. every where. around and through and over and under. every which way you turn and twirl. it's there. IT'S THERE. waving at me. smiling at me. surrounding me. writing to me. pulling at me. setting me free. all of it. my dance is the dance of love in movement.

love is the big picture and lov…

Basking in True Love

Ik ōaṅkār sat nām kartā purkh nirbha'u nirvair akāl mūrat ajūnī saibhaṃ gur prasād

Ek Ong Kaar
One Spirit Beyond Moves within the Creation- Coordinating Consolidating Continually Creating

Sat Naam

And this Spirit Within me Is my True Identity.

Kartaa Purakh

It Does All And Causes All To be Done.

It Protects me Through all incidents Of Time and Space.

Nirbhau Nirvair

It fears nothing And knows nothing Of vengeance Or anger.

Akaal Moorat

Deathless It comes into form.


In Itself, It has Never been born.


Flowing through the cycles Of Birth and Death, It Moves By Its Own Purity and Projection.

Gur Prasaad

This understanding Shall come to you As a sweet blessing, As a gift, Through the Guru.


In every moment Continue In Its Continual Remembrance.

Aad Sach
Jugaad Sach
Hai Bhee Sach
Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach

From the start, This Truth was True.
All through Time and Space, Is True.
Even now, This Truth is True.
Nanak says, Ever shall be True.

Simon says

he said: your body is a reflector of the energy stored in your beliefs.

while the rest of the words had me tilt my head in ponderment, this particular arrangement of words totally rang my bell.

i like it when You ring my bell.

what brilliant beings dwell in my world.

Simon says you're beautiful just as you are. I quite agree.

i could lick your face

i looked into the eyes of a most beautiful being and uttered the words "you in all your wonder are irrelevant to my happiness."

i utterly adore the gifts of this life. the beautiful beings that allow me to bask in their everything. there is so much love and brilliance that pours through so many faces in my world. and i often walk into my entanglements with a kind of appreciation that words can't convey. it's endless. and "i adore you" doesn't say enough. i mean...i could really lick all their faces with gusto!

but i often wake up to face the solidity of my own detachment. except it isn't detachment. it isn't non-attachment. it isn't some concept being practiced. it is a realization that the stream of joy and the energy that we call happiness flows through me irregardless of the conditions and beautiful faces facing me. life has designed it all so that all wholeness and fulfillment rest nestled in the crevasses of your entire being. it is all w…

Divine Flow

(artwork: Divine Flow by Dhira Lawrence)

joy has no companion in pain or in sorrow
this life,
it is an irruption of sheer ecstasy
endlessly flowing forth
from the rib cage of Eternity

What matters most...

when the universe winks

it's a lot of fun this universe of ours. you set your intentions and the universe sends you something to say "gotcha, comin' right up!" right before your intentions manifest.

take these random magnets i got in the mail:

it makes me laugh. HOW the powers that are, orchestrate and coordinate everything delights me to no end.

Go team Universe!

life is a brilliant dream. and the magic is never-ending. and anything that you want can and will be yours at anytime. no exceptions.

live your dream. you can.