Wednesday, December 17

you've got ether-mail

dearest mechanical bull,

of course i get the message! i get all the messages! i have a very reliable answering machine that records every thought, every wonderment, every stir. some call it God. some call it Universal Wireless Service. whatever the name, i always get the message. even if i pretend otherwise for my own entertainment.

we transcend all definitions. we transcend the foreplay of mediocrity. we transcend the customs and practices of a world based on limited ideas of what we are and what we can do.

this is a cosmic affair, wouldn't you know?!

so we're not doing it the way it's been done thousands and thousands of times. our freedom has no need for such constraints. our freedom is as vast as we make it to be, as cosmic as we allow it to be. our freedom is as unlimited as we create it to be.

we are, whatever we create ourselves to be.

be whatever you choose to be in this moment.
express yourself with no strings attached.
apologize not for what comes through you.
reveal yourself for your own enjoyment.
adore your moment because it's yours and yours alone.

move as you will, and move as you may, and let the outcome be whatever it will be.

life is beautiful, and it colors my view with everything that is you.

never not yours,
she who celebrates you

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