Wednesday, December 10

riding the short waves

you are a brilliant gathering of vibrating intelligent particles in a vast vibrational environment. try saying that a hundred times.

and in this very moment, by the frequencies you are anchoring and cycling in your being, you are molding the life force of this design into the scenes of your tomorrow. you are calling forth more of this life force to manifest in the likeness of what you now cycle, believe, and accept within yourself.

love is a frequency. appreciation is a frequency. peace is a frequency. expectation is a frequency. hope is a frequency. frustration is a frequency. anger is a frequency. doubt is a frequency. criticism is a frequency.

it's all short waves and long waves. a continuum of colors.

there is not a thought-form you entertain, cycle, and hold onto that is not vibrating a certain way. there is not a feeling you hold within yourself that is absent of a specific frequency. there is not a word you utter that is void of vibration.

so sitting smack dab in eternity, this eternal Now, you sculpt your tomorrows, you color your days, through the thoughts you keep and the feelings you have about these thoughts that you keep - through the frequencies you anchor.

whatever you observe, whatever you entertain, whatever you think, whatever you express, in any moment affects or influences your dominant state of being - it affects your vibe. yes this includes TV and music and conversations and the endless lists of tasks you passively and actively participate in.

And it is this dominant state of being, vibe, state of mind that you create within yourself, that serves as the blue-print of what will unfold as your life and all that will come into it.

In any moment, you aren't just anchoring and expressing certain frequencies. You are creating and inviting more like them to come to you and through you also.

so what are you inviting into your life? what vibratory frequencies (thoughts & feelings) are you using to color it?

i just had a thought that said..."my thoughts are like crayons! magic crayons!" (alternate blog title: my thoughts are like magic crayons)

but coming back to you, your scenes, your life...i just want to ask, what waves are you choosing to ride?

just curious.

in Love,

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