Tuesday, December 30

Making it Mine in 2009

"going anywhere in the new year" asked the lady on the phone. coincidentally, i had just received a postcard from India that same day reminding of my intention to see the beauty of so many places with my own eyes.

naturally, my answer is a resounding YES.

of course i'm traveling in the new year. i love seeing new places. new faces. smelling in new smells and landing my eyes on new visions. attempting to speak a different language. holding hands with a local for no other reason than that they grabbed my hand. smiling at the way everything is so similar and yet so different.

my luggage is already vibrating with excitement.

i'm known to just pack up my bags and pull a disappearing act. or better yet, announce i'm going on a trip the day before i leave and watch the bewilderment float across the faces of my loved so and so's. i don't mean to. i'm just not a plan-a-year-in-advance type of traveller.

opportunities come up. inspiration comes. the universe conspires. and flight prices end up being too cheap to call them just cheap. things happen. and as life moves me, i MOVE. it often provides the means and the way, and so there's nothing for me to do but get on that plane...or that train...and take in the adventure i have invited.

so yes. i'm going to LOTS of places in the new year. 2009 promises adventure. and love. and beauty. and inspiriation. and magic. and a million and one more reasons for me to continue to exclaim that life is beautiful!

why? because i intend and so project it that way. better yet...because i ALLOW it to flow into me and through me that way.

last year i fed a tiger and kissed a dolphin. this year i will tame one and kiss a star.

2009 WILL be divine
and i will Align to "make it all mine"(click on link and listen to Make It Mine)

i will dance. and i will sing.
and i will skip across this planet,
with nothing but joy in my being.

intend it. expect it. and so will it be.

this Life is absolutely Yours to live in the way of your choosing, your focusing, your intending...your allowing.

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