Wednesday, December 10

joy is the key

i was reminding a friend that joy is a moment to moment choice that you make. and that with practice, you'll find it almost unbearable to be anywhere other than in Joy. in Love. in Peace. in our Light...

i say so because it's what i've experienced. my days are brilliant because i set out to observe them that way. i set the tone and the standard of where my focus will land every day.

upon waking, i open my eyes in a sigh and say "oh life, i love how you love me!" and then i set the intention "today, no matter where i go, no matter what i do, no matter who i am with, i choose to see your endless goodness." it's a continuation of the conversation i was having with the invisible before sleep. i see the gifts of life everywhere. spread across my reality like my peanut butter is spread on my bagel this morning. thickly. and deliciously.

then i stretch ready to vibrate myself further into the best feelings i can find. i breathe to center myself and then i begin to appreciate my bed and my warm blanket and the beings that skip in and out of my life. the food in my fridge. the dog in my heart. the you my heart is sure of. i let my mind look at all the recent scenes that have brought a smile to my face. the words exchanged, the high-fives given, the visions seen, and the wonders uncovered.

before i know it, my heart is thumping river-dance style. i've started my motors with joy as my key. i'm ready for my day.

so if i were to say that i have a practice this would be it. i rev up my heart in joy every morning. i focus my mind deliberately to vibrate and so by the laws of this design to create a particular kind of day. i don't care about the specific scenes...only the feelings i choose to find in them.

and i do. i do find those feelings i so enjoy manifested in scene after scene.

this design is precise. frequency begets frequency. happiness begets happiness. joy begets you and your coworker doing a dance in your office to the amusement of another. and it's all about your choice of focus. so the reason why i have a skip in my step and love in my heart, is because i choose to focus on the beauty of this life. consistently. daily. deliberately. it's easy for this endless beauty is in view in every moment, in so many little ways and in so many big ways.

you have the freedom to set the tone, the vibe, of your every moment by consciously putting yourself in the very vibe you want to experience. if you're anchoring joy, nothing contradictory can come to throw you off. you get to choose your focus. you get to choose your reactions. you get to choose your life. you get to choose how you vibrate.

and the free stuff and big squishy hugs i end up getting, that's just the icing on the cake. 'cause at the end of the just feels good to feel good!

in Love,


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