Tuesday, December 30

thanks universe!

i just got this email:

Wishes for you in year 2009-Anonymous

Great start for Jan,
Love for Feb,
Peace for march,
No worries for April
Fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov,
Happiness for Dec,
Have a lucky and wonderful 2009.

Making it Mine in 2009

"going anywhere in the new year" asked the lady on the phone. coincidentally, i had just received a postcard from India that same day reminding of my intention to see the beauty of so many places with my own eyes.

naturally, my answer is a resounding YES.

of course i'm traveling in the new year. i love seeing new places. new faces. smelling in new smells and landing my eyes on new visions. attempting to speak a different language. holding hands with a local for no other reason than that they grabbed my hand. smiling at the way everything is so similar and yet so different.

my luggage is already vibrating with excitement.

i'm known to just pack up my bags and pull a disappearing act. or better yet, announce i'm going on a trip the day before i leave and watch the bewilderment float across the faces of my loved so and so's. i don't mean to. i'm just not a plan-a-year-in-advance type of traveller.

opportunities come up. inspiration comes. the universe conspires. and flight prices end up being too cheap to call them just cheap. things happen. and as life moves me, i MOVE. it often provides the means and the way, and so there's nothing for me to do but get on that plane...or that train...and take in the adventure i have invited.

so yes. i'm going to LOTS of places in the new year. 2009 promises adventure. and love. and beauty. and inspiriation. and magic. and a million and one more reasons for me to continue to exclaim that life is beautiful!

why? because i intend and so project it that way. better yet...because i ALLOW it to flow into me and through me that way.

last year i fed a tiger and kissed a dolphin. this year i will tame one and kiss a star.

2009 WILL be divine
and i will Align to "make it all mine"(click on link and listen to Make It Mine)

i will dance. and i will sing.
and i will skip across this planet,
with nothing but joy in my being.

intend it. expect it. and so will it be.

this Life is absolutely Yours to live in the way of your choosing, your focusing, your intending...your allowing.

Thursday, December 25

Wednesday, December 24

she loves a lot

and so do i.

thanks for comin' into my inbox today standing in the hands of...oh, i'm not allowed to say!

Sunday, December 21

Raw Chewy Bars (Vegan Recipe)

Raw Key Lime Coconut Bars


* 1 cup raw cashews
* 1 cup dates
* 1 teaspoon lime zest, Zest before juicing
* 1 Lime, juiced
* 1 cup shredded (dehydrated raw) coconut


1. Chop dates to make processing easier. If you don't chop them, they'll likely just spin around whole in your processor. Fun for them, yes. Not helpful for you though.

2. Process the nuts then add dates in a food processor until crumbly. If you want chunky nuts in your chewy bar then process nuts and dates together.

3. Add in lime zest and lime juice to your food processor. Then add the coconut.

4. Press mixture into a glass dish or tightly into plastic wrap in desired shape.

5. Refrigerate for an hour or more to let the flavors combine, and the bars to firm up.

Raw Chocolate Coconut Bars


* 1 1/2 cups raw cashews
* 1 1/2 cups dates
* 1 cup shredded (dehydrated raw) coconut
* 2 Tbs Cocoa powder


1 & 2 same as key lime recipe.

3. Add in coconut and process. Then add cocoa powder and process until cocoa fully blends into the mixture.

4. Press mixture into a glass dish or tightly into plastic wrap in desired shape.

5. Refrigerate for an hour or more to let the flavors combine, and the bars to firm up.

Wednesday, December 17

you've got ether-mail

dearest mechanical bull,

of course i get the message! i get all the messages! i have a very reliable answering machine that records every thought, every wonderment, every stir. some call it God. some call it Universal Wireless Service. whatever the name, i always get the message. even if i pretend otherwise for my own entertainment.

we transcend all definitions. we transcend the foreplay of mediocrity. we transcend the customs and practices of a world based on limited ideas of what we are and what we can do.

this is a cosmic affair, wouldn't you know?!

so we're not doing it the way it's been done thousands and thousands of times. our freedom has no need for such constraints. our freedom is as vast as we make it to be, as cosmic as we allow it to be. our freedom is as unlimited as we create it to be.

we are, whatever we create ourselves to be.

be whatever you choose to be in this moment.
express yourself with no strings attached.
apologize not for what comes through you.
reveal yourself for your own enjoyment.
adore your moment because it's yours and yours alone.

move as you will, and move as you may, and let the outcome be whatever it will be.

life is beautiful, and it colors my view with everything that is you.

never not yours,
she who celebrates you

Tuesday, December 16

food for thought

(grapes & nuts = good?) (poutine = bad?)

from a lack-full perspective the world offers many many “truths” and continues to do so. but any "truth" about the conditions of this vibrational environment is only a thought that was once thought by a single individual perspective, a point of view, a point of consciousness, and repeatedly accepted to the point of it becoming a "belief", and then shared with the rest.

whatever truths there are about the body, were first just passing thoughts in the mind of one individual.

whatever conclusions there are about health, were first just passing thoughts in the mind of one individual.

whatever positions are held about bodily processes and needs, were first just passing thoughts in the mind of one individual.

that you need someone outside of you to monitor and determine the health of your body...is a truth in name only. it is a perspective that has been adapted across the board.

so here's another perspective.

everything is vibration first. that is the basis of the physical body. it isn't biology. it isn't genes. all these aspects emerge out of pure vibration.

so if there is dis-ease and disorder, it is a result of the discordance that is going on at the vibrational level of your being. resistance in the form of skewed thoughts.

it's about the thoughts you have thought. it's about the beliefs you have accepted. these are the basis of your physical bodily experiences. for thought is always at the root of everything you experience.

vibration, beliefs, trumps biology.
vibration, beliefs, trumps heredity.
vibration, beliefs, trumps genes.
vibration, beliefs, trumps diagnosis.

it isn't eating habits. it isn't drinking habits. it isn't the type of food you take in or how much you exercise or don't. it isn't about what's contagious. it isn't about vulnerability. it isn't about viruses. it isn't about decay.

these are all thoughts that have been formed into beliefs. and formed thought always manifests. so, it's about what thoughts you think about the various aspects of your physical life.

it is about what you have DECIDED is true.

what thoughts you think about the food you eat.

what thoughts you think about what the body needs.

what thoughts you think about what's good and bad for the body.

what thoughts you think about what health is.

all of these conclusions you've made, all of these beliefs that you've constructed are the reasons why your body is the way it is, and why your body responds to food and exercise the way that it does, and why your body reacts to its environment the way it does, and so on.

if you have repeatedly thought exercise works for you, it does. if you have repeatedly thought exercise won't work for you, it won't. if you hate exercise, guess what? you'll have a really tough time seeing lasting results. if you have concluded that yoga is your life savior, it is. if you have concluded that you are inflexible, you are. if you have repeatedly thought certain foods are bad for the body, they are. if you have repeatedly thought certain foods are best for the body, they are.

your body is not responding to the food. it is responding to what you THINK about the food. your body is ingesting your thoughts. that's the primary digestion that goes on in your being. your body will always conform to the beliefs you set in place on any subject, be it diet, exercise, or disease.

you have a mental story about every food group, about every bite you take, about everything that enters your body, about every physical movement you make, about every environment you come in contact with. there is a story in your mind about everything. and it's on loop. this is where the real shift needs to occur for you to see lasting and satisfying results.

"oh, i can't stand beside someone who is smoking, it will make me sick." and your body says "your thought is my command."

"oh this is going to go straight to my hips." and your body says, "your thought is my command."

"oh too much sugar is just bad for me." and your body says, "your thought is my command."

your thoughts make the condition true, for your body is very obedient to the thoughts you think. you can even say that your body and its conditions is the crystallization of the thoughts you've been thinking.

in reality your body can be, your body can do, and your body can have everything and anything deemed possible in this reality under any and all conditions. because it is pure vibration taking physical form in the likeness of the conditions you've set, and the conditions that you have set is the only commander of how your body manifests.

left alone, the body is unlimited in what it can become and in what it can do. the body is made up of these vibrationally based cells - the body is made up of infinite intelligence. these cells monitor and bring themselves into harmony, they can communicate with one another and with the Broader Unified Field without a single input or direction from this conscious you and all your conclusions. they are always asking for and receiving what they deem is needed directly from the actively flowing life force of this universe. they are always transmitting and receiving certain frequencies. they are constantly expanding and in a state of becoming. they are made of the same substance that brought this vast universe into being. they are made of the genius that formed all universes. so the body can take care of itself. really.

it flows the blood just fine. it distributes oxygen just fine. it communicates within itself and with the environment just fine. it morphed itself from a single cell into the trillions of cells it now stands at without any conscious direction from you and your thought-based conditions. you no more need to drive your body than you need to manually make the earth spin on its axis. these are processes carried forth from a Broader Vantage Point.

your body's natural ability to thrive is only obstructed with your scrutinized diets and tormenting eating habits - with your striving and struggled sweating. for it is the quality of your beliefs that ALLOWS your natural and exaggerated well-being, or that INTERFERES or OBSTRUCTS it. that is the only role your thoughts play - they either allow your innate well-being or they interfere with it - like the presence of gunk interferes with the flow of water through a canal.

your well-being or diminished sense of it has everything to do with the thoughts you've been entertaining and passively digesting, with the resistance you've been building as you continue to argue for your self-created limitations.

there is nothing you cannot think yourself into. there is nothing you cannot think yourself out of.

just food for thought. just another perspective.

Sunday, December 14

thou shall not use the F word on a sunday...

i was mulling over a conversation wondering what this self-diminishing tendency in the human is all about when i decided to forget about it and read my new book only to find these words:

And he said unto them, “within each of us lies the power of our consent to health and to sickness, to riches and to poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It is we who control these, and not another.”

A mill-man spoke and said, “Easy words for you, Master, for you are guided as we are not, and need not toil as we toil. A man has to work for his living in this world.”

excerpted from Illusions by Richard Bach

fine. i'll keep mulling over this nasty habit. oddly enough this "i am less than you" thing is a recurring track – this “you have something I don't have” story that's on loop in many minds.

what the frankincense?!!? that's right. i said the F word.

Existence did not say “go forth and diminish your self.” Reality did not say “go and conceive of yourself as less.”

if you could but see that you are of equal weight and of equal light to the greatness that you observe in all and through all, you will come to live that you are your own savior. you are your only savior.

you are much MUCH more than the greatness you think you see.

lift yourself up. turn the light on in your own mind.

Wednesday, December 10

joy is the key

i was reminding a friend that joy is a moment to moment choice that you make. and that with practice, you'll find it almost unbearable to be anywhere other than in Joy. in Love. in Peace. in Appreciation...in our Light...

i say so because it's what i've experienced. my days are brilliant because i set out to observe them that way. i set the tone and the standard of where my focus will land every day.

upon waking, i open my eyes in a sigh and say "oh life, i love how you love me!" and then i set the intention "today, no matter where i go, no matter what i do, no matter who i am with, i choose to see your endless goodness." it's a continuation of the conversation i was having with the invisible before sleep. i see the gifts of life everywhere. spread across my reality like my peanut butter is spread on my bagel this morning. thickly. and deliciously.

then i stretch ready to vibrate myself further into the best feelings i can find. i breathe to center myself and then i begin to appreciate my bed and my warm blanket and the beings that skip in and out of my life. the food in my fridge. the dog in my heart. the you my heart is sure of. i let my mind look at all the recent scenes that have brought a smile to my face. the words exchanged, the high-fives given, the visions seen, and the wonders uncovered.

before i know it, my heart is thumping river-dance style. i've started my motors with joy as my key. i'm ready for my day.

so if i were to say that i have a practice this would be it. i rev up my heart in joy every morning. i focus my mind deliberately to vibrate and so by the laws of this design to create a particular kind of day. i don't care about the specific scenes...only the feelings i choose to find in them.

and i do. i do find those feelings i so enjoy manifested in scene after scene.

this design is precise. frequency begets frequency. happiness begets happiness. joy begets you and your coworker doing a dance in your office to the amusement of another. and it's all about your choice of focus. so the reason why i have a skip in my step and love in my heart, is because i choose to focus on the beauty of this life. consistently. daily. deliberately. it's easy for this endless beauty is in view in every moment, in so many little ways and in so many big ways.

you have the freedom to set the tone, the vibe, of your every moment by consciously putting yourself in the very vibe you want to experience. if you're anchoring joy, nothing contradictory can come to throw you off. you get to choose your focus. you get to choose your reactions. you get to choose your life. you get to choose how you vibrate.

and the free stuff and big squishy hugs i end up getting, that's just the icing on the cake. 'cause at the end of the day...it just feels good to feel good!

in Love,


riding the short waves

you are a brilliant gathering of vibrating intelligent particles in a vast vibrational environment. try saying that a hundred times.

and in this very moment, by the frequencies you are anchoring and cycling in your being, you are molding the life force of this design into the scenes of your tomorrow. you are calling forth more of this life force to manifest in the likeness of what you now cycle, believe, and accept within yourself.

love is a frequency. appreciation is a frequency. peace is a frequency. expectation is a frequency. hope is a frequency. frustration is a frequency. anger is a frequency. doubt is a frequency. criticism is a frequency.

it's all short waves and long waves. a continuum of colors.

there is not a thought-form you entertain, cycle, and hold onto that is not vibrating a certain way. there is not a feeling you hold within yourself that is absent of a specific frequency. there is not a word you utter that is void of vibration.

so sitting smack dab in eternity, this eternal Now, you sculpt your tomorrows, you color your days, through the thoughts you keep and the feelings you have about these thoughts that you keep - through the frequencies you anchor.

whatever you observe, whatever you entertain, whatever you think, whatever you express, in any moment affects or influences your dominant state of being - it affects your vibe. yes this includes TV and music and conversations and the endless lists of tasks you passively and actively participate in.

And it is this dominant state of being, vibe, state of mind that you create within yourself, that serves as the blue-print of what will unfold as your life and all that will come into it.

In any moment, you aren't just anchoring and expressing certain frequencies. You are creating and inviting more like them to come to you and through you also.

so what are you inviting into your life? what vibratory frequencies (thoughts & feelings) are you using to color it?

i just had a thought that said..."my thoughts are like crayons! magic crayons!" (alternate blog title: my thoughts are like magic crayons)

but coming back to you, your scenes, your life...i just want to ask, what waves are you choosing to ride?

just curious.

in Love,

Monday, December 1

a Smile lights the Sky

(Hong kong: photo from hkdigit.blogspot.com)

Venus, Jupiter, and crescent Moon

(photo from: http://snow.gameshogun.ws/3science/the-heaven-smiles-upon-us)

Baby Smiles as Meditation

You know when you're having a frazzled day and something pops up in your face to get you to slow down, get back to earth, and just remem...