Friday, November 14

your warm december...

this place i'm in...the responses that come to conversations from's something more than my mind imagined.

life blesses me with a steady heart and a patient gaze in knowing that you dwell in wellness...even if you don't yet know this yourself.

it can only live your dream when you've become that dream. you can't experience your ideals from a place of lack, doubt, and disappointment. you can't meet and revel in all that you've become, when you're fogging up your imagination with worry and self-frustrations.

you defy your Self every time you doubt your dreams...every time you look at the past your mind constructs. you defy all that you have expanded into when you doubt the goodness of what confronts you in your visions and expansive projections.

the beauty of this life and your powerful place in it stands and stares you in the face...but you cannot meet its gaze or recognize it if you're busy looking at the past constructing stories of all that you've done wrong or all that that's gone wrong. you have done no such wrong. relieve yourself of such thoughts. watch the stories you weave in your mind. shift your focus. come into range.

you must always catch up to the ever-expansive Self within. all answers rest there. all satisfaction lives there. and There is where you will know love again...only in a way you have never known. a love that will stay with you until the very end. this is the love of your dreams.

catch up to your Self. forget everything else. forget everyone else. align yourself with your Self. life will floor you. for life has always dreamed a brighter dream for you than can be seen from the view of that misaligned you.

i can't even begin to describe the goodness that's lined up outside my door. ever since i started listening to the call of eternity...the good just gets smiles just get wider...and laughter finds me 'round every corner.

become your dream. be your Self. align.

know that i love you not for what you do or say, but for all that you are. what's truly more though is...God...Existence is in constant adoration of you. and IT is the only thing that deserves your loyalty and attention. IT is the source of your every fulfillment and happiness.

life is magnificent...and snowflakes await my kisses.

kiss yourself for me.

blogged from the future.
your December

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