Saturday, November 22

you are here now

i awoke to hear the words "i want to do this right."

my inner ear hears across vast distances.

so i whispered back "you have never done it wrong" knowing full well that the invisible wind will bring the reply on through.

the human mind reactive-ly steeps itself in ideas of rightness and wrongness. but the Greater Life sees no such things. in the eyes of the Great Beginning only your innocence shines bright.

can you see yourself through the eyes of God? can you view your untainted radiance right here and now?

have no regrets for you stand within the heart of a divine unfolding. you have no wrongs to right. you have no mistakes to fix. you have no words to take back. you have no steps to undo. no matter where you think you've been, no matter what you think you've come from, you begin anew in complete innocence right here and right now.

this moment right here is your beginning. nothing came before this. nothing!

the mental stories of past veil the brightness of your true nature. take hold of your power to Be Here and see the greatness that pulses as everything that you are. breathe your Self. cease letting limited thought define this undefinable and unlimited you.

you are much more than your thoughts of past doings allow you to be. let them fall away. stand in the immediate light of your eternal innocence.

you have never gotten it wrong. and you will never get it wrong. move and be with the sureness of your true name.

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