Thursday, November 20

what a beautiful life!

i've been carrying happiness in between my steps and seeing just how contagious it truly is.

it doesn't take much to light a heart and takes even less to spread the light.

my inbox is flooded and my heart is trying to keep up with the ever growing well of goodness in which i exist.

my moments are perfect.

no wait, they're beyond perfect.

and the voice in my head seems to be learning a different kind of language. one of love, one of joy, one of that beginningless bliss...

may it constantly remind me just how much and how deeply i appreciate every fiber of what you are.
may i be reminded of the magnificence that pulses as everything you appear to be.
may i be constantly reminded of the purity of your beginning.
may i be reminded of You and You alone.

i'm given all the space i need, all the hours i request to be the very best version of myself. and when i turn my head, a smile comes to meet me. and then when i turn again, the sweetest wonder confronts me. then when i want to just be alone, everything dissolves again.

i am blessed, and i am loved deeply, not for anything i've done in this life, but for what i am - an offspring of a benevolent kind of love.

i will spend my every moment in deep adoration of this life.

it is the wonder of all wonders and the greatness of the greatest!

in Love,

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