Wednesday, November 26


no thought is concealed. no thought is private. for all that you believe yourself to be, by nature is expressed in and as your environment. you do not hide yourself. you cannot hide the sequence of thoughts you entertain, identify with, and accept.

for the entirety of your life, your every moment, is the child of the thoughts you keep. the outer is an exact reflection of the inner world you carry everywhere you go. so if you're experiencing scenes that are conflict-ridden know that they are only so because of the conflicting focus within yourself.

nothing that isn't in the likeness of your vibration can come to you.

this world about you is insubstantial, and its apparent realness is only in the thoughts that birthed it.

by the very thoughts you keep or abandon, you can rise beyond the celestial heights of this dream-world, or you can drag yourself down to the torment of your own doing.

it is self-created and self-perpetuated. nothing that is facing you was imposed upon you.

that is the end of it all.

turn the light on for yourself. know your power.

taste your Self.

and then go have some ice scream.

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