Friday, November 7

the stream of happiness...

one of the irreplaceable finds of this physical journey is the fact that there exists a happiness that IS independent of the situations and beings in your life.

this happiness flows when you’re standing bare-feet at the edge of all you know. this happiness flows when you’re standing in the center of this wilderness looking out on what appears to be the senselessness of humanity.

the stream of happiness, it is eternally flowing. even now. right now.

you can be in a state of happiness regardless of what or who stands in front of you. regardless of the apparent state of this vibratory environment you call your world.

and you come into this stream of eternal happiness through the power of your very own mental focus.

it’s always about where your attention lands. it’s always about what thoughts are grabbing hold of your attention. it’s always about where your power of focus is standing.

freedom is realizing the boundless power within yourself and then LIVING it.

freedom is lining up with your Self and experiencing once and for all that the only one responsible for where you are and how you feel, is you. nothing else. no one else.

the only one responsible for your happiness is you.

to go your own way is to steadfastly stand in the power of your Being, to choose your inherent power of focus in every moment and with every breath, and refuse to let the outer appearance of this relative world fool you into thinking that You are other than you are.

you are power. right here and right now. and you have the ability...a remarkable ability to direct your focus.




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