Saturday, November 8

staying chill: lessons from the snowman

so what's going to be the next thing you focus on to pinch yourself off from the eternally flowing source of wellness?

what excuse are you going to use in this moment to say that this whole expansive universe is not unfolding with perfection and precision?

what person, memory, event, or situation are you going to constrict your focus around, to exclaim that something is wrong with right now?

what problem are you imagining into being now?

what problematic future are you projecting right now?

beings hop from one topic to the next ever reaching for yet the next thing that just isn't working out the way that it should. and this thing becomes the reason, the excuse, to insist that this world of pure vibration is all wrong. that this moment is wrong. that this instant is entrenched with difficulty and discord.

so many causes to fight for. so many injustices to push against. so many wrongs to right. so many broken things to fix.

and yet all of these points of focus stem from the premise that...
...the very intelligence that birthed you,
...that brought you into being,
...the very intelligence that fashioned the entire universe,
...the very intelligence that manifested the trillions of cells that make up your body,
...the very intelligence that formed your brain,
...the very intelligence that made your visual cortex and all other sensory instruments so that you can perceive and participate in this environment
...the very intelligence that arises as the scenes of your life
...the very intelligence that allows you to mold it into whatever you please on holiday, and so it is up to you and only you to solve the very problems you've imagined into being.

who are you without your fights, without your causes?

and what excuses are you right now manufacturing to say that all is not well?

what you resist does persist. whatever you imagine into being will appear real. what you push against remains.

still the river of eternal joy endlessly flows. and nothing is as it appears. and even the wise snowman will melt away.

so, it's no big deal really.

carry on.

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