Wednesday, November 12

keep standing tall

mountains are not moved by an attitude of powerlessness. from a standpoint of self-invalidation, self-effacement, you can't achieve what you long to achieve. through uttering words of failure, by accepting thoughts of short-comings, you can't sail through your scenes with ease and experience the very beauty you long to experience.

thought begets experience. there is no other builder of your moments.

so don't submit to the beliefs born of limited thought. born from a lack-full perspective, they can't carry you to the fulfillment of your perfect moments. when an undesired thought demands admission into your mind, turn away. be deliberate in what you allow to take hold of your attention. be deliberate in what you give life to. be deliberate in what you express.

distracted focus yields inconsistent outcomes. expressions of failure can't create the path of success. you can't express limitation in any way and soar into the heights of your indwelling Being. watch the thoughts you keep and accept. watch the words you let light the steps before you. resolve to light the creative and the constructive. let the lightest thought pave the path of your inner dreams. let the creative word go forth to unfold your moments in beauty and in joy.

let the full power of your Being inspire you in every moment in your thoughts, in your words, and in your deeds.

the intelligence within you knows nothing of "i will fail" and "this won't work." the fate of your moments, the fate of your every scene, is your own creation, a result of what thoughts you have given attention to.

the essence of all that you live, is the essence of all that you have thought.

to live high, you must think high thoughts. to live well, you must think thoughts of wellness. in every moment. your life is always manifest in the image and likeness of the thoughts, the energy, you hold and anchor within yourself. there is no other determining factor. all is determined within yourself.

there is no power deciding your steps. you form your own way by the thoughts you entertain, by the vibration you emanate in every scene, in every moment.

the road ahead is as you light it with your own mind. so let your mind stand tall and reach beyond the heavens of this space of limitlessness.

keep standing tall.

in Love,

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