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you're just not that into you

what you get has never had anything to do with him, her, or them. it always comes down to you and your relationship with you. truth be told, it's that... so though the catchphrase would say that it was another who was in charge of accepting, loving, and appreciating you, it's just not so. the world forever reflects your own vibration back to you. life only mirrors the essence of what you cycle within yourself. the no-excuse truth to understanding your relationship with others is simple. come to see the miraculous brilliance that you are, feel good about who you are and what you bring into this world, and the world and everything within it will come to reflect your corrected vision. life adores you. you should catch up to that...

freedom's seduction

(Art: Rassouli " PILGRIM OF PASSION ") it is the pangs of this sublime loving minds that feast on delusions but miss it glides deep into the marrow of my soul and unlocks the treasure chest of bliss it takes me to that high estate and seals my longings with a kiss what great love, what rapturous power the frail and counterfeit dismiss and this Love abounds and its might astounds and it lifts all off unstable grounds fly freedom. inherit your Self.

Your Reigning Goddess

A force of light, Swirling through ready minds Like a hurricane A movement of love, Igniting open hearts Like lightening Striking sand Stunning radiance Eternal innocence I am Your reigning goddess I am the dancing elements Underneath your feet I am the flame Of that eternal heat I am your Light And yours alone I am a reminder Of your unchanging home And we are A brilliance unmatched by any The face of eternity Here collapsing duality Revealing once and again It takes No-Time To live in Love I'm always Here I'm always Now As I forever remain Your goodness in reign


no thought is concealed. no thought is private. for all that you believe yourself to be, by nature is expressed in and as your environment. you do not hide yourself. you cannot hide the sequence of thoughts you entertain, identify with, and accept. for the entirety of your life, your every moment, is the child of the thoughts you keep. the outer is an exact reflection of the inner world you carry everywhere you go. so if you're experiencing scenes that are conflict-ridden know that they are only so because of the conflicting focus within yourself. nothing that isn't in the likeness of your vibration can come to you. this world about you is insubstantial, and its apparent realness is only in the thoughts that birthed it. by the very thoughts you keep or abandon, you can rise beyond the celestial heights of this dream-world, or you can drag yourself down to the torment of your own doing. it is self-created and self-perpetuated. nothing that is facing you was imposed upon y

you are here now

i awoke to hear the words "i want to do this right." my inner ear hears across vast distances. so i whispered back "you have never done it wrong" knowing full well that the invisible wind will bring the reply on through. the human mind reactive-ly steeps itself in ideas of rightness and wrongness. but the Greater Life sees no such things. in the eyes of the Great Beginning only your innocence shines bright. can you see yourself through the eyes of God? can you view your untainted radiance right here and now? have no regrets for you stand within the heart of a divine unfolding. you have no wrongs to right. you have no mistakes to fix. you have no words to take back. you have no steps to undo. no matter where you think you've been, no matter what you think you've come from, you begin anew in complete innocence right here and right now. this moment right here is your beginning. nothing came before this. nothing! the mental stories of past veil the bright

life feels soOo good!

we did it! and we're still doing it! and it feels so good! it feels so good! "in the not too distant time ahead there is a way to get it done without leaving your bed there is a way to go to work by using your head it's the quirk of the network of mind intent just visualize anything that you want close your eyes bring it up to the front and realize.." anything that you want can be yours at any time. there is nothing you cannot do. there is nothing you cannot be. there is nothing you cannot have. you can live your dream. yes, you can. life is gorgeous

what a beautiful life!

i've been carrying happiness in between my steps and seeing just how contagious it truly is. it doesn't take much to light a heart and takes even less to spread the light. my inbox is flooded and my heart is trying to keep up with the ever growing well of goodness in which i exist. my moments are perfect. no wait, they're beyond perfect. and the voice in my head seems to be learning a different kind of language. one of love, one of joy, one of that beginningless bliss... may it constantly remind me just how much and how deeply i appreciate every fiber of what you are. may i be reminded of the magnificence that pulses as everything you appear to be. may i be constantly reminded of the purity of your beginning. may i be reminded of You and You alone. i'm given all the space i need, all the hours i request to be the very best version of myself. and when i turn my head, a smile comes to meet me. and then when i turn again, the sweetest wonder confronts me. then when

be as you are

harm cannot come to you. weariness cannot befall you. for in the power of your true nature, such things do not live. Existence thrives. the Great Reality thrives. don't you know who you are? don't you know what all this is? you cannot taste the invincibility of your Beginning by subscribing to the manifestations of an insecure idea. you cannot not let appearances dictate to you what this world and all that is within it is. do not submit to the conclusions of insecurity. you who rests higher than the highest ideas, Be As You Are. for only then will the errors you perceive melt right before your eyes. all is well.


It's you, and me Movin' at the speed of light into eternity Tonight, is the night To join me in the middle of ecstasy Feel the melody and the rhythm of the music around you ...We can go anywhere Go anywhere But first, it's your chance Take my hand Come with me ...Feels like we're on another level Feels like our loves intertwined We can be two rebels Breakin' the rules Me and you You and I All you gotta do is watch me Look what I can do with my feet Feel the beat inside ...It's a long way down We're so high off the ground Sendin' for an angel to bring me your heart Girl where did you come from? Got me so undone Gazin' in your eyes got me sayin' What a beautiful lady No ifs ands or maybes I'm releasin' my heart And it's feelin' amazing There's no one else that matters You love me And I wont let you fall Let you fall girl (ahh ohh oh oh yeah) Yeah, I wont let you fall... Forever ~ C.B. (

that something wonderful...


your warm december...

this place i'm in...the responses that come to conversations from's something more than my mind imagined. life blesses me with a steady heart and a patient gaze in knowing that you dwell in wellness...even if you don't yet know this yourself. it can only live your dream when you've become that dream. you can't experience your ideals from a place of lack, doubt, and disappointment. you can't meet and revel in all that you've become, when you're fogging up your imagination with worry and self-frustrations. you defy your Self every time you doubt your dreams...every time you look at the past your mind constructs. you defy all that you have expanded into when you doubt the goodness of what confronts you in your visions and expansive projections. the beauty of this life and your powerful place in it stands and stares you in the face...but you cannot meet its gaze or recognize it if you're busy looking at the past constructing s

i'm a love fern

a great power pulses behind every one of my cells. and i apparently sit amidst the trillions of cells without location. who am i? what's to say what i am? a consciousness, i am, so i'm told. but even this string of letters fails to satisfy. another concept offered. so many concepts offered. human. love. beauty. woman. daughter. which of them is the real you? "i am a love fern" is as true as all the rest. (my rendition of a love-fern. my branches are just beginning...) does it mean something less? who am i before the conceptual definitions? what am i prior to all the letters we assemble together and sound in our noise making? the buddha asked "where in your body are you?" in one of the sutras. and you have to wonder...which of these trillions of cells that make up the body carry you? which particle in motion brings to life that apparent sense of self and the story it faithfully unfolds? how are these particles different from the air particles, the earth

keep standing tall

mountains are not moved by an attitude of powerlessness. from a standpoint of self-invalidation, self-effacement, you can't achieve what you long to achieve. through uttering words of failure, by accepting thoughts of short-comings, you can't sail through your scenes with ease and experience the very beauty you long to experience. thought begets experience. there is no other builder of your moments. so don't submit to the beliefs born of limited thought. born from a lack-full perspective, they can't carry you to the fulfillment of your perfect moments. when an undesired thought demands admission into your mind, turn away. be deliberate in what you allow to take hold of your attention. be deliberate in what you give life to. be deliberate in what you express. distracted focus yields inconsistent outcomes. expressions of failure can't create the path of success. you can't express limitation in any way and soar into the heights of your indwelling Being. watch t

staying chill: lessons from the snowman

so what's going to be the next thing you focus on to pinch yourself off from the eternally flowing source of wellness? what excuse are you going to use in this moment to say that this whole expansive universe is not unfolding with perfection and precision? what person, memory, event, or situation are you going to constrict your focus around, to exclaim that something is wrong with right now? what problem are you imagining into being now? what problematic future are you projecting right now? beings hop from one topic to the next ever reaching for yet the next thing that just isn't working out the way that it should. and this thing becomes the reason, the excuse, to insist that this world of pure vibration is all wrong. that this moment is wrong. that this instant is entrenched with difficulty and discord. so many causes to fight for. so many injustices to push against. so many wrongs to right. so many broken things to fix. and yet all of these points of focus stem from t

the stream of happiness...

one of the irreplaceable finds of this physical journey is the fact that there exists a happiness that IS independent of the situations and beings in your life. this happiness flows when you’re standing bare-feet at the edge of all you know. this happiness flows when you’re standing in the center of this wilderness looking out on what appears to be the senselessness of humanity. the stream of happiness, it is eternally flowing. even now. right now. you can be in a state of happiness regardless of what or who stands in front of you. regardless of the apparent state of this vibratory environment you call your world. and you come into this stream of eternal happiness through the power of your very own mental focus. it’s always about where your attention lands. it’s always about what thoughts are grabbing hold of your attention. it’s always about where your power of focus is standing. freedom is realizing the boundless power within yourself and then

we've been fogged

when the path seems foggy, and you can't see too far may wonder what's next. what awaits? you may look up and down, and turn yourself all around to see still that you can't see clearly what is to come. relax. take a deep breath. and take one step. just walk yourself one step at a time... trust. the path is laid. the means are prepared. and the next step will land you on solid ground. all is well.

the cupcake invasion

cupcakes unanimously decided to dance around me last week. now though i've long sworn off all things dairy etc. , i'm still so very appreciative of all the ways we manage to make food such a fun and colorful experience! viva el cupcake... my coworker made these for the team! and a friend sent me the pic below because there is nothing that can make me smile more than something with a monkey on it... alex is # 1. the cupcakes say so!!! life is definitely a plate of delicious! enjoy it ~