Friday, October 24

yes, you are more

come to know your power. come and touch the power of your true face, and you will never again touch and identify with the thoughts of victim-hood.

nothing is imposed upon you from an outer power. nothing you have not asked for is given to you.

rather, everything that appears is in response to the vibration emanating from you. you set the conditions. you set the standard of experience. you set the parameters of your life by the very thoughts you offer and accept.

the laws of this design are precise. so you only ever receive the essence of that which you send out. life complies to the blueprint in your mind. nothing else. and there are no exceptions.

manage your mind. manage your vibration. abandon thoughts of victim consciousness for they do not serve you.

be still and recognize that your world is always ordered in accord with your thoughts. be still and meet your Self.

you are, always were, and always will be more than words can describe.

to the Self in you ~

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