Monday, October 13

now we're certain

i have snapshots saved up in my mind
pearls being pressed
by a dream that churned
your hearts wishes
into a ring around my finger
i whisper my secrets in a smile
i let you find the story
written in between the lines
so many words
and so much time
and how we are pressed together now
this you and i


when you laugh
the stars rejoice
and this goddess roars
and all is well
with hearts again

i love it when you laugh
i cannot tell you what happens to my mind


i wake and i dream of an ever-same love affair.
it's everywhere in the land of make believe dreaming.
lights on or out, eyes shut or open, this love breathes life into the moments here and now.
and i'm so glad it found me.
and i'm so glad it found you.
and i'm so glad it formed us like two.


nameless i traverse
the grounds of this earth
in search of a wordless love
then i found you
a brightened star
among a darkened sky
keeper of my dreams
and lover of my heart
take my heart
nay, this night
take my mind


my inner eye feasts upon your every movement. every breath, every sigh, every thought you allow into your mind. my heart knows it all and fiercely swallows you whole. what manner of love is this, you ask. the only kind. a kind not of time or words, but that is of all time and all words. you and i have no beginning nor will we ever have an end.

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