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strange how the might of Love is misconceived and distorted by humanity's deluded concepts. the love conceived out of insecurity, the egoic striving to find wholeness from some external source is bound to be ridden with disappointment and suffering.

you will never find security from the unstable ground of false identity.

love in its true form is not an emotion of the moment. IT transcends transience. IT is beyond the ever-changing landscape of this mental reality...of fleeting form where bodies come and bodies go.

perhaps, per chance, per...something...the quest for True Love begins only when you understand who it is that is searching for It to begin with. without ever knowing who the "i" is in "i love you," the real meaning of love escapes even you.

the grace of this life is that True Love runs deeper than the ground the conditioned mind plays upon.

and i give a loud amen to that!

holding to a counterfeit identity and operating within its limited boundaries, love is offered as a promise to be kept, as a commodity to be exchanged ("my love" for "your love"), or as something to possess or obsess over.

LOVE. love. lOve. in truth is not a thing that can be lost or found, given or taken away.

IT in its true essence is manifest as the Love of Self alone. but mediocre conceptions of love trouble the human mind and the strangest drama is used to soil the purity of this divine revealing of oneness.

and still it remains ever clear to those who stop to question their tethered patterns of relationship drama...true fulfillment is not found in holding to the idea of separateness and operating within it. imaginary lines are drawn between some “you” to seek and some “i” to be found, some "i" that is lacking and some "you" that will come to fill the void, when all there is in this reality is You in all your diverse forms.

how can you ever experience the truth of that inherent Union, the truth of Love which is the underlying Reality of this fantastic universe, when you hold yourself apart from another? how can you know and allow the flow of Love when your very conception is constricted to say that love is something that could be given or with-held, that can be lost or found as though it is a thing of this temporary world?

holding to deluded concepts, the beauty and the grace of That within which you exist is missed...LOVE in all its splendor and abundance is all that there is...but this is not seen when we are blinded by the concepts born of ignorance.

the truth of the unchanging, the unchanged (which is what True Love is), is that it is always here prior to any seeking, prior to any striving, prior to the endless wanderings into the arenas of your concept-ridden mind...prior to the passing parades of selected faces you attribute to your love.

these faces are not the source of love for the source is within your very being.

if only it could be seen that love is the faceless that looks through all faces!

LOVE lasts where all else does not. Love IS prior to all relationships, all encounters.

Love IS Presence! the unified field in which you sit, stand, play, breathe...right here and right now. and suffering arises ONLY because you look else where.

THIS instant is LOVE. it has no face and yet it is all faces. it has no body and yet it flows through all bodies. it has nothing to do with a you or a me, and yet it does ALL things.

this ever-present field of unfailing fulfillment is what all beings seek to unite with. in search of the Love of Self they knock on all doors and look under all forms, they grasp and cling to temporary things, without ever looking for the Source WITHIN. and on and on they spin and toil for not finding the very thing they carry around with them every where they go.

Love moves through you, yet you look to receive it from some outside source. at the root of all suffering is this very tendency to look for THIS "out there" in some apparent "other."

beings sing of a love lost without ever having stilled to see the bliss in which they exist or the current of fulfillment that courses through their very being. beings dream of forever, when forever is only the instant in which you draw your every breath.

Love IS Presence. LOVE IS right here and right now!

the unconditioned realm of True Love has no use for past, present, or future. it's Here. Now. as the whole of life and all that appears with it. right here. and right now. feel it. keep attention on it.

time is for the conditioned mind and the identity whose sole survival relies on the reeling of this time-bound thought play. and to hold love to this standard, to this shaky and unstable ground, is to have never found the source of true fulfillment...your indwelling Self, the ever-present Self that awaits your recognition. Here. Now.

beings but only come into your experience to inspire you into feeling this ever-present Light of Self. your inner Self. life takes every opportunity to inspire you into seeing Your own face...the face of the Light within you. when something seems to cause you into feeling the expansive life force that courses through your very being, you are in that moment and in those scenes fully allowing the flow of your True Being. you are feeling your very Self. your True Love is never anything or anyone other than This...right Here.

THIS that you feel as love is what you are and it has nothing to do with the apparent other facing you.

instead of appreciating the inner revealing, that moment of recognizing the indwelling Self however, humans grasp at the object, the other person, and forget that the essence of "i love you" really says "your presence is allowing me to feel my Self."

so conditioning, or ego, has you hold these beings as your objects of focus birthing the idea that you must possess and cling to them as though THEY were the source of love. you neglect the true source of all things and attribute power to a changing thing! you expect them to bring you into this place once again as though it is their task to manage where your attention goes. as though it is their responsibility to make you feel WHAT you are. what nonsense! if in any moment you fail to see the current that is flowing through you and all others right in this instant, if in any moment you conceive of another as something other than a form of this Beauty, it simply means your attention has drifted into the judgmental realm of mind...away from Here and into an ever-shifting field of judgment and missed concepts.

a truth awaits our realization. the only thing that is deserving of our attention is our very Self which is Here Now. devote to that and all things are added onto you. let your attention go to that and your heart will expand to hold the entire cosmos. let THAT receive your loyalty, your appreciation...and you will stand on unshakable ground...the ground of True Love.

there is no falling in love or falling out of love. these are the activities of deluded convictions humanity continues to practice and unquestioningly perpetuate. if you know what Love is, if you know that Love IS, you would come to see that you could neither fall into it, out of it, find it or lose it, in any way, shape, or form. for you are IT.

there is only expanding to feel the light of Self. there is only allowing or resisting the current of Love that flows through you. all else is a dying dream you try to make real.

Love flows through you Now. Love moves through you Here.

in the absence of your addiction to limited concepts, True Love stands revealed as all things. and what a feast for your heart it is to feel the power of your very Self surge through your being...unreservedly.

Love's beauty is that it is independent of the forms that come and go, it is your very being, containing all things and always and all ways flowing through you irregardless of what faces and forms stand before you.

you are never without this Love. you could never be!

to sit in this Timeless Love, to live in this Field of Love all ways and always and yet to project realities of lack, separation, and seeking...this is a most peculiar human exercise!

you are inside Love all ways. you carry and flow this Love always.

in Love all ways and always ~


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