Thursday, October 30

hey love, where ya runnin' to?

i prefer to save the words for blogs than to speak them when you’re runnin' in your own mind latched to the thoughts in your head.

a single thought is believed in and in that believing a thousand other like-thoughts are invited to flood the mind, taking you into a spiral of imagined suffering. woe is you.

it takes a belief in one arising thought to open the flood-gate of delusion…to bring that personal story back to life…

i call it delusion because often times the mental story has nothing to do with the instant in which you stand. it has nothing to do with the moment in which you draw your breath. it is all about some past event that you’re continuing to react to in the moment at hand… even though that single event has long ago made its appearance and exist, you sit in a fresh scene reacting to things that aren’t at all here…right now.

there are no highs and lows Here apart from thought. ups and downs only live in the unwatched mind, in the mind that is allowed to carry on unrestrained, unobserved, un-managed, get the drift.

for mind is the maker of your story. thoughts are the builders of your every experience.

who are you without a past to have come from and a future to go to?

who are you right here and right now beyond the content of the thoughts in your head?

the fullness of your power for and over all things resides in your Now. no where else.

so what is your attention on Now?

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