Tuesday, October 21

Ecstatically Here

Made of a joyous living light, this life is pure ecstasy seemingly concealed by the sham of human delusion.

Yet every breath brings an opportunity to withdraw from the stories of limitation readily offered in your conditioned perception, and to step into the sea of seamless unity that pulses at the center of your Being.

This Here right Now, this pure place of relief and ease that lives in you, is Love, a stream of bliss endlessly flowing in and through you. Give IT your attention. Melt away repeated delusions in this immediate instant. Right Here. Right Now.

come away from the collective dreaming of dis-ease and step directly into your Name. FEEL THIS that pulses through you, that looks out from your eyes. Press your heart to This Living Love Here Now and rise above the collective drama of Time, of lack...of sheer insanity.

Give up the mental story. The only limit there is in this design is the one you impose and give life to through the power of your own mind. Come away from this mind.

To glow a reality into life by your own power then to scurry about as though you are powerless, as though there is some outer power, is indeed a very inverted game.

Right here and right now you can choose what gets your attention. You can keep your attention right Here in Love or you can wander into the individual and collective practiced patterns of lack and limitation, of powerlessness and utter insecurity.

That dream of lack is senseless and mistaken. See through it.

You can give your attention to the backless stories that spin in these delusional images or you can remain in the ground of your True Beginning.

this Life longs to show you the vastness and limitlessness of your true face.

Focus on Love.

Wellness abounds so cease giving life to the resistance of this abundant power.

in Love all ways ~

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