Tuesday, October 14

the Bliss of All Seasons

(Dhira Lawrence: Pele's Slumber)

the surface self is nothing more than shambles and folly
rest on it, and you are slave to the whims and delights of the elements
cling to it, and you are slave to the tides of an unstable environment

is it not better to build your world on the secure ground of eternity?
to draw your life from the wellspring of that everlasting wonder,
is to fasten infallibility around all that comes through you.

to live your life only from the surface mind,
is to wither and decay the boundless potential that came with you.

waste not this moment
waste not this power
waste not the riches of your inner Being
waste not your Self

for in its revealing rests
the joy of all worlds
the love of all times
and the bliss of all seasons

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