Thursday, October 30

hey love, where ya runnin' to?

i prefer to save the words for blogs than to speak them when you’re runnin' in your own mind latched to the thoughts in your head.

a single thought is believed in and in that believing a thousand other like-thoughts are invited to flood the mind, taking you into a spiral of imagined suffering. woe is you.

it takes a belief in one arising thought to open the flood-gate of delusion…to bring that personal story back to life…

i call it delusion because often times the mental story has nothing to do with the instant in which you stand. it has nothing to do with the moment in which you draw your breath. it is all about some past event that you’re continuing to react to in the moment at hand… even though that single event has long ago made its appearance and exist, you sit in a fresh scene reacting to things that aren’t at all here…right now.

there are no highs and lows Here apart from thought. ups and downs only live in the unwatched mind, in the mind that is allowed to carry on unrestrained, unobserved, un-managed, get the drift.

for mind is the maker of your story. thoughts are the builders of your every experience.

who are you without a past to have come from and a future to go to?

who are you right here and right now beyond the content of the thoughts in your head?

the fullness of your power for and over all things resides in your Now. no where else.

so what is your attention on Now?

Sunday, October 26

leap into love

i heard this quote today:

"love is a leap that cannot be denied"

well..."leap and the net will appear" - John Burroughs

Friday, October 24

yes, you are more

come to know your power. come and touch the power of your true face, and you will never again touch and identify with the thoughts of victim-hood.

nothing is imposed upon you from an outer power. nothing you have not asked for is given to you.

rather, everything that appears is in response to the vibration emanating from you. you set the conditions. you set the standard of experience. you set the parameters of your life by the very thoughts you offer and accept.

the laws of this design are precise. so you only ever receive the essence of that which you send out. life complies to the blueprint in your mind. nothing else. and there are no exceptions.

manage your mind. manage your vibration. abandon thoughts of victim consciousness for they do not serve you.

be still and recognize that your world is always ordered in accord with your thoughts. be still and meet your Self.

you are, always were, and always will be more than words can describe.

to the Self in you ~

Tuesday, October 21

Ecstatically Here

Made of a joyous living light, this life is pure ecstasy seemingly concealed by the sham of human delusion.

Yet every breath brings an opportunity to withdraw from the stories of limitation readily offered in your conditioned perception, and to step into the sea of seamless unity that pulses at the center of your Being.

This Here right Now, this pure place of relief and ease that lives in you, is Love, a stream of bliss endlessly flowing in and through you. Give IT your attention. Melt away repeated delusions in this immediate instant. Right Here. Right Now.

come away from the collective dreaming of dis-ease and step directly into your Name. FEEL THIS that pulses through you, that looks out from your eyes. Press your heart to This Living Love Here Now and rise above the collective drama of Time, of lack...of sheer insanity.

Give up the mental story. The only limit there is in this design is the one you impose and give life to through the power of your own mind. Come away from this mind.

To glow a reality into life by your own power then to scurry about as though you are powerless, as though there is some outer power, is indeed a very inverted game.

Right here and right now you can choose what gets your attention. You can keep your attention right Here in Love or you can wander into the individual and collective practiced patterns of lack and limitation, of powerlessness and utter insecurity.

That dream of lack is senseless and mistaken. See through it.

You can give your attention to the backless stories that spin in these delusional images or you can remain in the ground of your True Beginning.

this Life longs to show you the vastness and limitlessness of your true face.

Focus on Love.

Wellness abounds so cease giving life to the resistance of this abundant power.

in Love all ways ~

Thursday, October 16

In the Indivisible

* * * * * * *
in the infinite grid of unicity, ideas stir.

why does the restless mind not cease its confused movement?
why does it not once again dissolve confusion into the bliss within which it stirs?

when it is only the indivisible God-consciousness that permeates all of existence, what is this movement of "he" and "she" of "you" and "me"?

and what is this belief in decay when you are eternity itself?

turn attention away from the ideas of a confused environment. cease feasting upon the concepts of mortal delusion.

you are that primordial field, in which all things appear.

* * * * * * *

Wednesday, October 15

we're better than fine ~

you drown your moments with words so as to glide over the unbroken stillness of where we sit. it's a lovely day. why do you fear the divine silence? our philosophies save us from all that never needs saying. we know there is nothing to it and yet we go on pretending. we pause in the middle. yes, it's still all so very still. have you moved at all? here. now.

when uninhabited eyes meet, we say God has met himself.

so how do you do, in Love?

Tuesday, October 14

the Bliss of All Seasons

(Dhira Lawrence: Pele's Slumber)

the surface self is nothing more than shambles and folly
rest on it, and you are slave to the whims and delights of the elements
cling to it, and you are slave to the tides of an unstable environment

is it not better to build your world on the secure ground of eternity?
to draw your life from the wellspring of that everlasting wonder,
is to fasten infallibility around all that comes through you.

to live your life only from the surface mind,
is to wither and decay the boundless potential that came with you.

waste not this moment
waste not this power
waste not the riches of your inner Being
waste not your Self

for in its revealing rests
the joy of all worlds
the love of all times
and the bliss of all seasons

Monday, October 13

now we're certain

i have snapshots saved up in my mind
pearls being pressed
by a dream that churned
your hearts wishes
into a ring around my finger
i whisper my secrets in a smile
i let you find the story
written in between the lines
so many words
and so much time
and how we are pressed together now
this you and i


when you laugh
the stars rejoice
and this goddess roars
and all is well
with hearts again

i love it when you laugh
i cannot tell you what happens to my mind


i wake and i dream of an ever-same love affair.
it's everywhere in the land of make believe dreaming.
lights on or out, eyes shut or open, this love breathes life into the moments here and now.
and i'm so glad it found me.
and i'm so glad it found you.
and i'm so glad it formed us like two.


nameless i traverse
the grounds of this earth
in search of a wordless love
then i found you
a brightened star
among a darkened sky
keeper of my dreams
and lover of my heart
take my heart
nay, this night
take my mind


my inner eye feasts upon your every movement. every breath, every sigh, every thought you allow into your mind. my heart knows it all and fiercely swallows you whole. what manner of love is this, you ask. the only kind. a kind not of time or words, but that is of all time and all words. you and i have no beginning nor will we ever have an end.

Tuesday, October 7

clearing concepts

in talking about keeping attention in the present, the question follows: how do i do this in my everyday life?

when the habitually wandering attention is brought back Here, and it is clear that This is all there is, mind immediately projects a future scene in which this can't be done. or goes to past scenes in which this was difficult to do.

i get this now, but what about later?
i can't do this every second?
i try to do this, but it's hard to remember.
okay i see this, but what about in my everyday life?
what about when i'm with the kids?
what about when i'm with family how do i stay present with them?
how do i stray present when i'm with my friends?

immediately a sequence of scenes are imagined, and called "my everyday life."

immediately mind projects future scenarios or recollects memories. and it is with these totally mentally constructed images that the questions now come.

the pointing is always this: there is no everyday life. this is a concept that is being believed in. look at the very idea of "everyday life." what is this? look at it. right from where you sit, yesterday, tomorrow, and what is seen as "my everyday life" is totally and absolutely a psychic projection.

you sit here right now, right where you breathe, and imagine the very scenes you twist over. you twist over your imagination.

you're never not Here. attention wanders into the field of mental concepts, but that they are all just concepts is the beginning and the end.

there is no tomorrow to practice for. there is no everyday life to remember this for. it has nothing to do with memory-work. it is actually withdrawing attention from all of these mental tendencies...these practiced concepts of "tomorrow" "everyday" and the rest.

and that's what they all are. practiced concepts. a mode of thought you have repeatedly entertained. but look at them and locate them. sitting where you are, right where you are, locate these things. find them. put your finger on them.

there is just here. there is just now. recognize that all questions of "tomorrow" "later" come only when the very mind that asks first projects these imagined scenes. the mind projects these imaginary future moments and then asks and worries about what to do in these imaginary scenes. but even this imagining is arising Here. Now.

withdraw attention from such images and find out...are these scenes here right now in any way other than mental imagination? are these questions here in the absence of the arising thoughts? is what i'm seeing as everyday life, is the sequence of scenes i see as my everyday life here in this immediate moment?

the practiced mental tendencies make it appear as though Presence is something that you move in and out of. look closely. for this is not so.

Sunday, October 5 True

strange how the might of Love is misconceived and distorted by humanity's deluded concepts. the love conceived out of insecurity, the egoic striving to find wholeness from some external source is bound to be ridden with disappointment and suffering.

you will never find security from the unstable ground of false identity.

love in its true form is not an emotion of the moment. IT transcends transience. IT is beyond the ever-changing landscape of this mental reality...of fleeting form where bodies come and bodies go.

perhaps, per chance, per...something...the quest for True Love begins only when you understand who it is that is searching for It to begin with. without ever knowing who the "i" is in "i love you," the real meaning of love escapes even you.

the grace of this life is that True Love runs deeper than the ground the conditioned mind plays upon.

and i give a loud amen to that!

holding to a counterfeit identity and operating within its limited boundaries, love is offered as a promise to be kept, as a commodity to be exchanged ("my love" for "your love"), or as something to possess or obsess over.

LOVE. love. lOve. in truth is not a thing that can be lost or found, given or taken away.

IT in its true essence is manifest as the Love of Self alone. but mediocre conceptions of love trouble the human mind and the strangest drama is used to soil the purity of this divine revealing of oneness.

and still it remains ever clear to those who stop to question their tethered patterns of relationship drama...true fulfillment is not found in holding to the idea of separateness and operating within it. imaginary lines are drawn between some “you” to seek and some “i” to be found, some "i" that is lacking and some "you" that will come to fill the void, when all there is in this reality is You in all your diverse forms.

how can you ever experience the truth of that inherent Union, the truth of Love which is the underlying Reality of this fantastic universe, when you hold yourself apart from another? how can you know and allow the flow of Love when your very conception is constricted to say that love is something that could be given or with-held, that can be lost or found as though it is a thing of this temporary world?

holding to deluded concepts, the beauty and the grace of That within which you exist is missed...LOVE in all its splendor and abundance is all that there is...but this is not seen when we are blinded by the concepts born of ignorance.

the truth of the unchanging, the unchanged (which is what True Love is), is that it is always here prior to any seeking, prior to any striving, prior to the endless wanderings into the arenas of your concept-ridden mind...prior to the passing parades of selected faces you attribute to your love.

these faces are not the source of love for the source is within your very being.

if only it could be seen that love is the faceless that looks through all faces!

LOVE lasts where all else does not. Love IS prior to all relationships, all encounters.

Love IS Presence! the unified field in which you sit, stand, play, breathe...right here and right now. and suffering arises ONLY because you look else where.

THIS instant is LOVE. it has no face and yet it is all faces. it has no body and yet it flows through all bodies. it has nothing to do with a you or a me, and yet it does ALL things.

this ever-present field of unfailing fulfillment is what all beings seek to unite with. in search of the Love of Self they knock on all doors and look under all forms, they grasp and cling to temporary things, without ever looking for the Source WITHIN. and on and on they spin and toil for not finding the very thing they carry around with them every where they go.

Love moves through you, yet you look to receive it from some outside source. at the root of all suffering is this very tendency to look for THIS "out there" in some apparent "other."

beings sing of a love lost without ever having stilled to see the bliss in which they exist or the current of fulfillment that courses through their very being. beings dream of forever, when forever is only the instant in which you draw your every breath.

Love IS Presence. LOVE IS right here and right now!

the unconditioned realm of True Love has no use for past, present, or future. it's Here. Now. as the whole of life and all that appears with it. right here. and right now. feel it. keep attention on it.

time is for the conditioned mind and the identity whose sole survival relies on the reeling of this time-bound thought play. and to hold love to this standard, to this shaky and unstable ground, is to have never found the source of true fulfillment...your indwelling Self, the ever-present Self that awaits your recognition. Here. Now.

beings but only come into your experience to inspire you into feeling this ever-present Light of Self. your inner Self. life takes every opportunity to inspire you into seeing Your own face...the face of the Light within you. when something seems to cause you into feeling the expansive life force that courses through your very being, you are in that moment and in those scenes fully allowing the flow of your True Being. you are feeling your very Self. your True Love is never anything or anyone other than This...right Here.

THIS that you feel as love is what you are and it has nothing to do with the apparent other facing you.

instead of appreciating the inner revealing, that moment of recognizing the indwelling Self however, humans grasp at the object, the other person, and forget that the essence of "i love you" really says "your presence is allowing me to feel my Self."

so conditioning, or ego, has you hold these beings as your objects of focus birthing the idea that you must possess and cling to them as though THEY were the source of love. you neglect the true source of all things and attribute power to a changing thing! you expect them to bring you into this place once again as though it is their task to manage where your attention goes. as though it is their responsibility to make you feel WHAT you are. what nonsense! if in any moment you fail to see the current that is flowing through you and all others right in this instant, if in any moment you conceive of another as something other than a form of this Beauty, it simply means your attention has drifted into the judgmental realm of mind...away from Here and into an ever-shifting field of judgment and missed concepts.

a truth awaits our realization. the only thing that is deserving of our attention is our very Self which is Here Now. devote to that and all things are added onto you. let your attention go to that and your heart will expand to hold the entire cosmos. let THAT receive your loyalty, your appreciation...and you will stand on unshakable ground...the ground of True Love.

there is no falling in love or falling out of love. these are the activities of deluded convictions humanity continues to practice and unquestioningly perpetuate. if you know what Love is, if you know that Love IS, you would come to see that you could neither fall into it, out of it, find it or lose it, in any way, shape, or form. for you are IT.

there is only expanding to feel the light of Self. there is only allowing or resisting the current of Love that flows through you. all else is a dying dream you try to make real.

Love flows through you Now. Love moves through you Here.

in the absence of your addiction to limited concepts, True Love stands revealed as all things. and what a feast for your heart it is to feel the power of your very Self surge through your being...unreservedly.

Love's beauty is that it is independent of the forms that come and go, it is your very being, containing all things and always and all ways flowing through you irregardless of what faces and forms stand before you.

you are never without this Love. you could never be!

to sit in this Timeless Love, to live in this Field of Love all ways and always and yet to project realities of lack, separation, and seeking...this is a most peculiar human exercise!

you are inside Love all ways. you carry and flow this Love always.

in Love all ways and always ~

Thursday, October 2

Presence First

entangled with the surface movements of the mind, you think that you are subject to the pendulum swing of contrasts, the negative and positive of this reality. entangled in this ever-changing mental movement you believe and so conceive of life as a bi-polar roller-coaster ride.

but this simply isn’t the case!

you needn’t move with the tide of changing thoughts for the very reason that you are and you rest always prior to all thoughts.

where you are in this design, your primal placement amidst all of these movements secures for you a place of ease, peace, and effortlessness. for as long as you remain where you truly are, for as long as attention is left to rest in the timeless space Here, nothing touches you. nothing can touch you, for Here is always the absence of all mental movement.

when thoughts are seen to be just thoughts, all dissolves. when the flurry of mental thoughts that stir for whatever reason are left alone, that energy dissipates. In the absence of your participation, your identification and entanglement with thought, the appearing train evaporates. not only can you stand in the authority of your direct seeing, but you can stand in the authority of your true Being which rests in the ever-present space of “nowness.”

mind always travels down the path of least resistance. human conditioning has made it so that this path of least resistance, the path so frequently traveled, is that of insecurity, the breeding ground of fear, guilt, and useless patterns that drain the life energy of this design.

when scenes arise, when change appears, mind picks up its bag of thoughts and scurries down the previously defined grooves. and what fun this is for the human being!

so the reminder comes… you needn’t move with the tide of changing thoughts for the very reason that you are and you rest always prior to all thoughts. you are prior to all mental movement. recede attention back to this space. from Here you can create new mental grooves or you can keep your attention anchored in the space where mind has no input. that place is Here. that time is Now.

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