Wednesday, September 10

we will never fall

(Art: Rassouli "Beyond Heaven")

I can hear the words
of all that's gone unheard
for I can hear the song
of your inner-most Secret Self
It has been calling me
it has been stirring me
through a thousand words
and a thousand more
a thousand tears
and I have heard them all
and I have heard your call

I can see in your smile
the light of a thousand angels
how they have been lighting me
how you have been loving me
in a thousand ways
and a thousand more
through a thousand things
through so many scenes

I have seen them all
I now love them all

this sweet life
she's now turned your head
and here you face the right direction
here you face the deepest part
of life's boundless affection
here you sit to face your Self

now you see the sight
now you see the light
now you come to face the vision
painted by your inner Heart

isn't it lovely, the way it's beaming
isn't it lovely, the way we're unfolding

and how I have been loving you
and how I have been hearing you
through your thousand words
and in a thousand ways
through so many scenes
we have seen in this dream

and now you see it all
and now you've come to know
that we could never fall
so we will never fall

a thousand things
and a thousand more
we will never fall
we could never fall

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