Sunday, September 14

Through the filter of my thoughts...

so it seems that we can't help but have thoughts about everything in our life. and, in as long as we have specific thoughts about our selves, people, or situations, (which we all do), then we seem to only perceive and then experience things in line with our thoughts about them.

the people in our life are as beautiful or unattractive to us as we perceive them to be. they are as magnificent as the thoughts we've thought about them, allow them to appear to us. in and of themselves, people and situations have no static state of existing. all are a field of infinite possibilities displaying numerous characteristics at all times. there are no fixed entities, beings, or circumstances in this reality. everything is a field of many potentialities brought into focus by our individual observation.

so in accord with our thoughts, we filter out all other information presented in favor of those that match the thoughts we're already thinking about that person or situation.

the remedy for perceived problems always lies in changing the thoughts we are thinking.

by the power of our focus on the kind of thoughts we're choosing, we bring into reality a something out of nothing. within our own mind we form a form out of pure potential.

we are magic!

it is utterly brilliant that the field in which we're immersed and are the center of is a field of infinite possibilities. every being we meet, every situation that appears before us is actually a many-sided appearance, an appearance of pure potential. and what gives it the form that appears for us, that we perceive, is always and only the thoughts we are thinking.

magic i say!

so our world is never independent of our observation and thoughts about it. the people in our life are never independent of the thoughts we think about them. they don't exist apart from our thoughts about them. life is as good as our thoughts allow it to be. people are as beautiful as our thoughts allow them to be.

it fascinates me that the worst relationship with a situation or person exists simultaneously with the best relationship with the same situation or person. the potential of either extreme is always what we're presented with, for this universal field of brilliance presents us with an infinite number of potentialities on every subject we can imagine. whether we experience the best or worst of a person or situation, however, is entirely dependent on what thoughts we are thinking about that person or situation. entirely.

we are each molding our experiences, of our selves, of people, of life, through the thoughts we choose to focus on and identify with, in every moment.

so the question isn't what is that person doing, or why is this situation like this, or why am i like this, but rather, what am i thinking about myself, this person or situation that i'm noticing only these particular qualities to the exclusion of all others?

what a grand design!?

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