Thursday, September 11

this adoring life

life is a series of moments elegantly glazed with magic. this life, this moment, she is an endless gift drawn from the boundless heart of love itself. i don’t know what to call it really. sometimes i call it “my lover” for the simple reason that every moment transforms itself into a love affair of some kind - a love affair with an invisible power that is all love and all beauty and all magic.

i adore this life, i adore everything about it. every moment brings me something beautiful, something breath-taking, something that fills my heart up with an energy i can’t describe.

i walk down the street with a friend to see the topic of our conversation engraved on the side-walk. or my eyes become directed to the majestic scene drawn on the sky above. what moves me in such a manner? what guides me in and out of scenes that take my breath away?

in every moment, life is in some way drawing my attention to the evidence of its adoration for all of its creations. it reveals to me time and time again, how intently it listens to my heart and my thoughts, reminding me that i belong to it, that i belong only to this boundless sea of love that it is.

i find love around every corner. i find it in the laughter exchanged with a complete stranger, and in the moments of connectedness like that, i see all illusion of separateness dissolves, and only love looking at itself remains.

this expanse of bliss in which we exist, that surrounds us every which way, is a most generous kind of love.

oh, how adored we are.

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