Monday, September 29

go your way

gentle as a petal on the skin
of your palms,
here i stand
as your world, as your heart
sent from the Gods of Love
and once upon a song
once upon a dreaming
we rise conceived in the depths
of an immaculate Being

and the spaces in our skin
keep a secret hidden from a world
made of thinning visions
and clumsy dreams
with faded colors lined
in the fog of restlessness

so we sit to write
of a tall tale of love
as the soul of this world
so desperately longs
to hear the melody
of a truth it has always known

and we call to this soul
and we ask:

set your sight high
upon the ceaseless flood
of God's ever expanding heart
and go only where it goes
up into the realm of luminosity
outward into that glistening field
of pure radiance
riding the formless back
of a mighty and cosmic force
infinitely reach beyond the lines
and shatter all of the boundaries
of your yester-scenes
release yourself
realize your Self

that time has come
and that time is here
for you to stand clear
in the power of your name
know your name

the message sounds
and the lines repeat

know your name
own your fate
and go your way

the words are sculpted
and the sounds are echoed
to say...

go your own way

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