Thursday, September 25

the details in the fabric...

coffee brews and the gospel blares. the page she turns and the leaves they change colors. still i sit and i breathe the same message into different words.

what is past?
where is future?
where rest these things outside of your head?
can you put tomorrow out before me?
can you show me this yesterday again?

life is but a sweet instant, the sweetest breath and an endless light that touches the very ground you stand upon. here. now. this very place. this is the extent of it all. this right here is the sum of everything. nothing before this. nothing after this. so light. so easy.

all else is the play of an instrument you don't observe. watch your mind.

sitting in eternity, right here and right now, you dream of struggle. standing in the altar of total unity you imagine you must strive like a fragmented and isolated part. the scenes of your life, they've already been sewn together. you needn't strive to force the pieces to fit for life itself plays the seamstress of your scenes. the details are as right as you perceive them to be. they are as wrong as you perceive them to be. it is only your own mental evaluation that gets in the way of you feeling the ease that confronts you in every moment.

do you pull the grass out of the ground in its season? do you form the mountains? what is it that you do in this world that has you believing it is your fret-filled effort that brings anything to pass?

if life ever made one request of you, and it would have been just one, it was never to manage the was only to watch your mind.

life is kind enough and gentle enough to take care of all the rest. life is generous enough to take care of all the details in the fabric of your entire existence.

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