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go your way

gentle as a petal on the skin of your palms, here i stand as your world, as your heart sent from the Gods of Love and once upon a song once upon a dreaming we rise conceived in the depths of an immaculate Being and the spaces in our skin keep a secret hidden from a world made of thinning visions and clumsy dreams with faded colors lined in the fog of restlessness so we sit to write of a tall tale of love as the soul of this world so desperately longs to hear the melody of a truth it has always known and we call to this soul and we ask: set your sight high upon the ceaseless flood of God's ever expanding heart and go only where it goes up into the realm of luminosity outward into that glistening field of pure radiance riding the formless back of a mighty and cosmic force infinitely reach beyond the lines and shatter all of the boundaries of your yester-scenes release yourself realize your Self that time has come and that time is here for you to stand clear in the power of your

a sip of Love

(Artwork: Marcia Snedecor ) hold this chalice up to your lips entice your soul and loose your minds grip breathe in the eternal fragrance then demolish the altar of your sensual addictions release the Divine Innocence within to reclaim your highest vision know the power of your name stand immersed within it for the greatness of your being awaits to flood this world with the purity of your timeless light

you should choose...

we wrote the script together, yes we sure did before time, before the seasons we wrote this out, and we found the reason and now it's time, as change has come with flashing lights, and lighted rhyme we will unwind the ready mind this curtain call was over due but it will loosen the rusted chains that bind you and the next step is up to you what will you choose? you should choose, what you can't lose. change is coming change is here the curtain falls and i appear what reads these words? your heart gleans and your heart beats as the song of a lighted star repeats within your ears what sits to listen? and what looks out from those eyes and shifts in this revealing? your heart knows what it is. once written and a thousand times told underlined words and words in bold often read but seldom taken the light awaits for you to awaken what keeps you from seeing the magic of this malleable dreaming? the time is now and the place is here the curtain falls, and i appear and the next l

the details in the fabric...

coffee brews and the gospel blares. the page she turns and the leaves they change colors. still i sit and i breathe the same message into different words. what is past? where is future? where rest these things outside of your head? can you put tomorrow out before me? can you show me this yesterday again? life is but a sweet instant, the sweetest breath and an endless light that touches the very ground you stand upon. here. now. this very place. this is the extent of it all. this right here is the sum of everything. nothing before this. nothing after this. so light. so easy. all else is the play of an instrument you don't observe. watch your mind. sitting in eternity, right here and right now, you dream of struggle. standing in the altar of total unity you imagine you must strive like a fragmented and isolated part. the scenes of your life, they've already been sewn together. you needn't strive to force the pieces to fit for life itself plays the seamstress of your scene

Through the filter of my thoughts...

so it seems that we can't help but have thoughts about everything in our life. and, in as long as we have specific thoughts about our selves, people, or situations, (which we all do), then we seem to only perceive and then experience things in line with our thoughts about them. the people in our life are as beautiful or unattractive to us as we perceive them to be. they are as magnificent as the thoughts we've thought about them, allow them to appear to us. in and of themselves, people and situations have no static state of existing. all are a field of infinite possibilities displaying numerous characteristics at all times. there are no fixed entities, beings, or circumstances in this reality. everything is a field of many potentialities brought into focus by our individual observation. so in accord with our thoughts, we filter out all other information presented in favor of those that match the thoughts we're already thinking about that person or situation. the remedy

this adoring life

life is a series of moments elegantly glazed with magic. this life, this moment, she is an endless gift drawn from the boundless heart of love itself. i don’t know what to call it really. sometimes i call it “my lover” for the simple reason that every moment transforms itself into a love affair of some kind - a love affair with an invisible power that is all love and all beauty and all magic. i adore this life, i adore everything about it. every moment brings me something beautiful, something breath-taking, something that fills my heart up with an energy i can’t describe. i walk down the street with a friend to see the topic of our conversation engraved on the side-walk. or my eyes become directed to the majestic scene drawn on the sky above. what moves me in such a manner? what guides me in and out of scenes that take my breath away? in every moment, life is in some way drawing my attention to the evidence of its adoration for all of its creations. it reveals to me time and time ag

we will never fall

(Art: Rassouli "Beyond Heaven") I can hear the words of all that's gone unheard for I can hear the song of your inner-most Secret Self It has been calling me it has been stirring me through a thousand words and a thousand more a thousand tears and I have heard them all and I have heard your call I can see in your smile the light of a thousand angels how they have been lighting me how you have been loving me in a thousand ways and a thousand more through a thousand things through so many scenes I have seen them all I now love them all this sweet life she's now turned your head and here you face the right direction here you face the deepest part of life's boundless affection here you sit to face your Self now you see the sight now you see the light now you come to face the vision painted by your inner Heart isn't it lovely, the way it's beaming isn't it lovely, the way we're unfolding and how I have been loving you and how I have been hearing

Be your Self

(Art: The Mermaid's Mirror by Marcia Snedecor) to know me, you need only know your Self to love you, i need only love my Self to be with me, you need only Be your Self where in all these do we have need for masks? where in all these have we need for pretenses? your heart, i have made. and my love you have breathed into being, by the unknown power of your own. so to speak to me, you need only speak to your Self. and yet here we stand, as though we were two. oh sweet love, i am but the mirror your heart called for. and here i've come. look into me, and see only your very Self.