Saturday, August 9

What is your Self Offering?

(Oil Painting: "The Offering" by Rassouli)

You do not know what lives in you,
if in one moment you cry for love,
and in the next spill vile upon your neighbors heart.
You do not know what sustains you,
if in one moment you pray to Heaven,
and in the next fill yourself up with unsightly creatures.
Why are you lazy with your mental home?
Why do you not begin your cleaning there?
The praise from your lips is meaningless,
when your heart knows nothing of forgiveness.
The love you offer is empty,
when you only offer it so selectively.
You do not know that which breathes you,
when in one moment you pray for love,
only to deny giving it to another in your next breath.
You cannot receive,
that which you do not give.
For this is the law.
Oh creature of life,
turn inward with every breath
and come to know your Self.
This is the Self of all.
This is the Self in All.

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