Sunday, August 10

Waking to Live

I'm seeing myself next to you
i'm feeling like the luckiest girl
in this whole damn world
i'm counting the scenes
as each one that passes
is a vision of you in my palms
and as I rise to open my eyes
what a breath-taking sight

i'm waking to dream about you
and i'm so damn high
how have I lived without you?
Oh but I can't mind it at all
i'm waking to live it with you
'cause i've arrived
oh yes, i've arrived

I rest myself in your richness
your love, your words, your care
you are everywhere, out here
and I wake up to your fullness
I rub my eyes and sigh
'cause now it's all so clear
oh love
it is so clear I'm Home
so as I wake here in our dream
I pray that we'll keep
sailing down this stream
'cause we're waking to see
our dream coming real
and oh how it feels...
oh my how it feels...

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