Friday, August 8

oh this Love

this life to me is an evolving glimpse into my Self. an insight comes, and a piece of myself falls into place, and in that moment i've shifted to see yet another layer of the expansive beauty in which we exist.

i find myself marveling at life thinking and feeling like i'm at its highest summit, of feeling so over-loved and so over-joyed, only to be drawn up further into a feeling that i can't encapsulate into words. i breathe deep and my chest feels like it's going to burst open.

it's as if Love is sucking you in deeper and deeper into itself, ever immersing you in its blissful embrace. i'm in constant awe of what i call the Heart of Life...the depth, the never-ending stream of Wellness that overflows over me. if there is an elixir of life, it is only this unfathomable Love, this never-ending stream of Self discovery and Self revelation.

so i spend my moments immersed in this wordless space.
this, which is my substance for all things joyful.
this, which is my platform of fulfillment.
this, which is my source and resource, my whole environment.

to be loved by this faceless Love is every being's reality. to release yourself into it, this is the highest destiny.

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