Friday, August 1

my early morning love-session

as i strolled down roseview to catch my bus to work, i marvelled over the two squirrels who were chasing one another in a choreographed manner. run. run. run. and freeze. both of them would stop like two perfectly crafted statuettes. i thought "gosh i'd love to capture that dance on my camera" but before i could whip out my gadget, they were already making their way up the tree on the other side of the street. i wondered if they were siblings or lovers. were they going to fight or make-out in the tree?

do squirrels kiss with an open-mouth?

i'll never know what they were going to be up to.

and then i made a new friend.

we'd never met until today. before this morning i didn't even know there was a pretty orange kitty in the vicinity. but this morning, mister marmalade decided we were going to be best friends. i heard his meow through my ipod's meditative track. OM. and when i turned to see who was singing through my music, there he was. orange and wide-eyed and looking right at me. i stopped. he came right up to my leg and started rubbing up. sweet! a morning love-fest with a brand new bestfriend! i bent down to pet it. "wow another kitty whose coat isn't soft" i thought. i'm so used to my pups soft shaggy-ness that when i touch another love-creature i expect my fingertips to be met with that soft smooth texture i'm so used to.

but as he purred to my touch i lost my thoughts in its gynormo cuteness factor. gosh, what a beauty. i thought we were done, and up i came back to my standing position ready to forge ahead with my day. i started walking away and turned around once again to see the kitty trotting after me. we're in love. "a photo-op" i thought! so i stopped to open my napsack . kitty made my leg its post once again. and right when i got my camera out, he decided to try and climb me. a passer-by giggled at the scene. i got my picture, said goodbye and left the scene of my early morning love-session once again feeling over-loved by this grand design.

meet mister marmalade!

life gifts me with an everyday miracle that i can't always capture with a camera. today it was a cat for a bestfriend and a free dance show all before i've even had my morning pretend-coffee.

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