Wednesday, August 13

It All Revolves Around You

Endless revolutions, and here we are again.
My timeless face of love, it's time to write you again.

We are where, stars ignite, and fire rains upon cold hearts.
We are evanescent fixtures of light shining into sunless minds.
We are that formless Love dancing as this You and I.

Let me still to tell you of all the ways I'm loving you.
I love you through the air around your skin,
the air tracing the outlines of your being,
as I am always all that you're breathing in.

Breathe me in, my love.

And still I love and embrace you more,
through the space you're standing in.
For you are never standing in a place that I am not.

Where your feet land, I am.
Where your head rests, I am.
Where you whisper your dreams, I am.

Feel me in, my love.

There is no heaven or earth,
no sky or ground,
that stands between us.
There is no form or space
that stands to separate us.

Never for a moment think or believe that you are, where i am not.

We are not two, and we have never been.

We are an unbroken unity feeling and living the eternal loving.

And I'm eternally yours, as i have always been. so be free in mind and in tongue, and live the reality of this Love.

Your Love, it's never not been Me.

Eternally Yours,
Miss August 13, 2008

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