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It All Revolves Around You

Endless revolutions, and here we are again. My timeless face of love, it's time to write you again. We are where, stars ignite, and fire rains upon cold hearts. We are evanescent fixtures of light shining into sunless minds. We are that formless Love dancing as this You and I. Let me still to tell you of all the ways I'm loving you. I love you through the air around your skin, the air tracing the outlines of your being, as I am always all that you're breathing in. Breathe me in, my love. And still I love and embrace you more, through the space you're standing in. For you are never standing in a place that I am not. Where your feet land, I am. Where your head rests, I am. Where you whisper your dreams, I am. Feel me in, my love. There is no heaven or earth, no sky or ground, that stands between us. There is no form or space that stands to separate us. Never for a moment think or believe that you are, where i am not. We are not two, and we have never been. We are an unbro

Catch a feeling, Catch your fallin' Star

I can feel you now deep inside my heart I can hear your sounds in the inner gallery of my mind I can feel your breath in the air around my face I'm in love, in this loving from Grace. (scienceduck's photostream (flickr) of the Perseids meteor shower) According to wiki: The Perseids will next be active from July 17 to August 24, 2008, [1] with their peak around 0500 UTC on August 12 , 2008. [2]

looking out my window...

and seeing this was definitely worth the laughs in the office!

Waking to Live

I'm seeing myself next to you i'm feeling like the luckiest girl in this whole damn world i'm counting the scenes as each one that passes is a vision of you in my palms and as I rise to open my eyes what a breath-taking sight i'm waking to dream about you and i'm so damn high how have I lived without you? Oh but I can't mind it at all i'm waking to live it with you 'cause i've arrived oh yes, i've arrived I rest myself in your richness your love, your words, your care you are everywhere, out here and I wake up to your fullness I rub my eyes and sigh 'cause now it's all so clear oh love it is so clear I'm Home so as I wake here in our dream I pray that we'll keep sailing down this stream 'cause we're waking to see our dream coming real and oh how it feels... oh my how it feels...

What is your Self Offering?

(Oil Painting: "The Offering" by Rassouli ) You do not know what lives in you, if in one moment you cry for love, and in the next spill vile upon your neighbors heart. You do not know what sustains you, if in one moment you pray to Heaven, and in the next fill yourself up with unsightly creatures. Why are you lazy with your mental home? Why do you not begin your cleaning there? The praise from your lips is meaningless, when your heart knows nothing of forgiveness. The love you offer is empty, when you only offer it so selectively. You do not know that which breathes you, when in one moment you pray for love, only to deny giving it to another in your next breath. You cannot receive, that which you do not give. For this is the law. Oh creature of life, turn inward with every breath and come to know your Self. This is the Self of all. This is the Self in All.

oh this Love

this life to me is an evolving glimpse into my Self. an insight comes, and a piece of myself falls into place, and in that moment i've shifted to see yet another layer of the expansive beauty in which we exist. i find myself marveling at life thinking and feeling like i'm at its highest summit, of feeling so over-loved and so over-joyed, only to be drawn up further into a feeling that i can't encapsulate into words. i breathe deep and my chest feels like it's going to burst open. it's as if Love is sucking you in deeper and deeper into itself, ever immersing you in its blissful embrace. i'm in constant awe of what i call the Heart of Life...the depth, the never-ending stream of Wellness that overflows over me. if there is an elixir of life, it is only this unfathomable Love, this never-ending stream of Self discovery and Self revelation. so i spend my moments immersed in this wordless space. this, which is my substance for all things joyful. this, which is m

one song at a time...

i looked in the mirror today and wondered of what we might say i tried to find the words but my thoughts flew away like birds and left me standing empty back here it's probably why i'm writing this now trying to let out what my mind will allow rewriting my vision releasing stagnation letting the lines assemble themselves but then i wonder but then i wonder about the storytelling we've been doing and oh i just want to know how can we tell them of the way it unfolds of all that's untold when we can't seem to define it at all? and though the moral of the story is of how Love is so elementary how will we show it to the blind? i hear you saying... one song at a time...

My Timeless Eye

Feeling more than I have ever before, I know that this must be The Love Its light shines bright into the core of this soul And now I am made to see clearer As it melts the crystals of my coldest winter I leave my doors wide open I’ve invited him in He is the Sun The center of a heart undone He’s a Timeless eye An inviting smile And he’s taken residence of my mind He’s that silent witness The cure to madness An unmatched brightness That soothed my sadness Bowing to none He is a child of the Sun Strange how such beautiful scenes Can scorch the breath that can’t be seen You grow accustomed to the burns Knowing He is the remedy for which your heart yearns And while I remain locked in this gaze Making my way through this timeless maze My words will not keep your mind for long So I'll leave you listening to His silent love song Brightly lit over the skyline Centered in His way The unseen power of this Great One Lover Is the light of my day And though I tried to keep Him at bay He is a Li

true forgiveness

the truest face of forgiveness, as I see it, is in the total release of the mental projections appearing to us as the other people or situations we're unhappy with for whatever reason, as well as the release of the mental constructions appearing to be hurt, dismayed, frustrated (etc.) and so on. It isn't that you need to bring up the image of the person and say “I forgive you” or “I love you” or “I forgive myself” because this is still just interacting with your private mental constructions of a “me” and an “other.” But rather the recognition that must arise for true release, to feel the energy of true "forgiveness", is that the person or situation being resented (etc.) as well as the sense of self holding the resentment (etc.) are total constructions of the mind. All of this “i can't believe s/he did that to me” exists solely in thought form, and it's appearing so far in front of you. The moment attention recedes or pulls back from the stirring o

Easy Breezy Potato Medley

5-6 Medium Potatoes cooked and cubed 1 Jalapeño Pepper 1 Small Red Onion 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil 1 Teaspoon Salt Peel and boil your potatoes (20-30min), then cube them once cooled. Dice your jalapeño pepper and red onion. In a medium sized bowl combine your potatoes, jalapeno, and red onion. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt and mix well. Chill and serve. * you can add your favorite fresh herb (ie oregano or basil) to this dish for some aromatic flavor.

One with God

I met a gent yesterday afternoon whose name means “one with God.” he lives in the neighborhood and has so for quite some time. But what are the chances that we'd meet right on the day that I request I not only know but live the meaning of “I and my father are One”? And it happened to be his birthday, on the day of the new moon, the day of new beginnings as he informed me while we parted ways. God speaks often swiftly through all lips, and yet seldom is it heard. God walks with all feet, and yet seldom is it seen in this way. while at the neighborhood park with our dogs, he told me, in observance of the wooden beads around my wrist, that sandlewood is burnt by shamans to ward off bad energy. And while we sat on the grass we conversed about the minds of our parents and the change in the outlook of the newer generations. it made me wonder if our parents once sat around and talked about the outlook of their parents. Over the years i've had the fortune of exploring other tradit

my early morning love-session

as i strolled down roseview to catch my bus to work, i marvelled over the two squirrels who were chasing one another in a choreographed manner. run. run. run. and freeze. both of them would stop like two perfectly crafted statuettes. i thought "gosh i'd love to capture that dance on my camera" but before i could whip out my gadget, they were already making their way up the tree on the other side of the street. i wondered if they were siblings or lovers. were they going to fight or make-out in the tree? do squirrels kiss with an open-mouth? i'll never know what they were going to be up to. and then i made a new friend. we'd never met until today. before this morning i didn't even know there was a pretty orange kitty in the vicinity. but this morning, mister marmalade decided we were going to be best friends. i heard his meow through my ipod's meditative track. OM. and when i turned to see who was singing through my music, there he was. orange and wi