Thursday, July 24

that Forbidden fruit

If "I" is the seed, then thought is fruit. Was there really a forbidden fruit, it would be the thoughts born of "I." And it is only thought that implies what be "good" and what be "evil". For to eat of these thoughts, to attach and identify to these thoughts born of "I"-dentity, is to fall from the natural sate of timelessness.

All experiences are but the birthing and dying of thought forms, the play of concepts for the conceptual dream the mind projects - the personal story the "I" tells. Concepts but birth more concepts. The I-concept but births its own conceptual story. Yet concepts have never conceived of that indivisible Truth. As only the false unravels the false, the true Reality, your true nature, never even enters the equation.

When mind is kept quiet beginning with the movement of "I", all experiences dissolve at the root. There is no story.

What stands revealed then when the veiling power of the projecting mind is stilled?

In the essence of all that appears, nothing is added. Nothing is taken away. All is as it is, as it has always been. Here. Now.

But the movement of mind, "I", the stirring of thoughts makes it seem as though things are added or taken away. That things have come and gone. This is the brilliance of the mind-play!

Mind weaves the appearance that “this” yields “that” and “this road” leads to “that goal”. But Knowledge exposes the undivided Reality of all that appears here. Start from this ground. Start from this and all fear and trouble vanishes. The entire story vanishes!

Inquire. Turn attention around. Check the mind! When there is movement, check to see to whom it belongs.

Time and all that it appears to contain is for the story-starved mind. Time is nothing but a mode of thinking. And this mode of thinking appears to veil the ever-present realm of eternity itself.

The delusion of ignorance is trumped out by the delusion of Realization, of Awakening. Both are delusions. For when true "awakening" happens it is revelaed that there was no one to be awakened to begin with. Whether or not clouds form, the Sun stands ever alive, ever bright, and ever full of life. Whether or not identity is seen through, the inner-Self of existence is ever alive untouched by the play of "I" and the story it weaves.

Put down all concepts, lay aside all ideas, don't touch any appearing thought-form, and what remains?

At This indivisible foundation, nothing was ever forgotten, nor is anything ever realized. All is but the play of mind. All is but the fruit of mental projection.

Still the mind and let the reality that only Self is shine.

And so would go the instruction should there be a you to instruct.

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