Friday, July 25

scribbles from a northern light...

when the thought “i want your happiness” reels across my mind, i feel as though i've reached that place i've longed to reach for days on end. i want your happiness...this entire spread of pure bliss and all that you love within it is yours. if i could carve the magic out of the ether and place it into your hands, and if i could collect these upward bound feelings and wrap you around in i would. over and over again i would.

every one of your expressions reveals to me that face of love i long to see. you are my portrait of divine perfection. and i paint you with colors that only keep leaving me breathless.

lucky for me that who you are is always showing me the very self that i am. i never know my own strength until i see you expressing it. it's only when you appear that i even recognize myself. strange it is that i can not see my own face until yours appears to come and face me.

you are a precious window into the heart of love itself. and love only knows how i need you in this world. for you are the only reason that i am. and the game, well, it's all meaningless without the face of love.

never not yours,
miss july 25

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