Saturday, July 5

~ in memory of "me" ~

(totally irrelevant aside: my friend asked about the "~" in my messages and email signatures etc, and i said "it just looks pretty!" if i could doodle hearts and flowers in blogs, i would. so please just imagine that i did)

as it is only a dream character that twists and turns in this dream. and this dream character is that ever persistent "me" with a story.

"i will get this some day" is me-mory at play.

identity, the sense of a separate self-centre, is memory manifest. whatever thought arises carries the content of either some past scene or some future imagining, and it's only in this appearing thought form that an individual, a "me", appears.

so “me” is always just a me-mory. there’s nothing to it but stored images, active patterns of stored energy that are brought to life by the light of attention. this "me" requires a timeline – it requires time to be born, time to thread its story of yesterdays woes. but time does not exist, and without past and future, without a starting point and a destination, there is no story, there is no "me" or anyone else for that matter.

does being here right now in this immediate instant require an identity? for functioning to carry on, for hearing, seeing, tasting, focusing, walking to carry on, does there need to be an identity with some sort of a story?

when time is recognized for what it is, a mental concept, a mode of thinking, the peace of simply being presents itself. Presence is absolutely free of all identity and the baggage that comes with it. thinking is story. thinking is time. thought is origin, progress, and destination. the whole personal story is contained in the movement of thought and has no reality apart from the movement of thought.

doubt is contained in thought. uncertainty is contained in thought. insecurity is contained in thought. elevation is contained in thought. from good to bad and back, from past to future, is all contained in thought.

the unchanging reality is not the appearance but rather the essence of all appearances. the appearance is relative. it's ever-changing. it's malleable. it's a seeming story. but the essence of all appearances, That is the common reality, That is the ground of security and certainty, That is the ground of fearlessness, acceptance, and effortless allowance. and That is all that is right here and right now, ever at rest, ever in peace, and always prior to the movement of thought. always prior to "me."

me-mory is time-bound. so let's let "me" rest in now.

"In your mind's browser, clear your cache.
Now delete your history.
Now navigate to a blank web page."

Freedom always rests beyond "me"'s a blank page ;)

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