Wednesday, July 23

i love my dog!

9 months ago this little bundle of cuteness entered my world.

i love her!
i love her bark!
i love her blue eyes!
i love how she crosses her front paws when she lies down. (a real lady i tell ya!)
i love how she picks something off the floor she knows she's not supposed to and darts out of the room top speed!
i love how she looks at me while she visualizes the treat i'm going to give her on account of her cuteness.
i love how she reacts to my brother.
i love how she wags her tail when she sees me.
i love the diamond on her forehead.
i love how she rests her head on my leg and gives me those puppy eyes (it works).
i love how she follows me from room to room.
i love how she tilts her head when she's not quite sure what i'm doing.
i love how she runs like somethings on fire.
i love how she sniffs my mouth and has no idea what "personal space" is.
i love how excited she gets when i let her off leash.
i love how she treats me like her furniture.
i love how she wiggles her bum.
i love how she reaches for the door knob.
i love how quickly she figures things out.

i love how everyone that meets her says "what a sweetie."
i love how she's so friendly to people.
i love how she fidgets on the spot when she's waiting for a treat or a toy.
i love that she sighs just like a person.
i love that she growls in her sleep.
i love how shy she gets when your face gets close to her.
i love how soft she is.
i love that my front door window frame is all chewed up.
i could go on....and on...

i just love her to pieces ~

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