Tuesday, July 1

i like you, you're Sunny ~

attention is an interesting phenomenon. you can’t really explain what it is or what it looks like. you just know that it is by the power of your attention that you can perceive anything in this environment. it’s only when you put your attention on something that you can consciously hear it, see it, or process it on any level. anything passively registered by the senses isn't experienced in the same way we experience what we're actively paying attention to. it’s only when you’re paying attention to your thoughts that you know what the content is about. it’s only when you’re paying attention to a conversation taking place in a room that you know what’s being said. it’s only through the focusing of attention that we can "experience" anything.

i like to think of attention as the focusing of the life-force that created this universe, these bodies, and everything that appears in this design. whatever attention is, it is a powerful creative energy. where ever attention lands, whatever you direct attention toward, that object being paid attention to comes into focus and expands. it's organized. it's clarified. it's made real to your sense-experience! it grows! it lives!* (*please read "it lives" in some sort offrankenstein like exaggeration here)

another way i look at attention is i liken it to sunlight. sunlight, cast from the sun, nourishes and activates or stimulates living things so that they can thrive and grow and come into being. unfold. and in the same way, our attention, which is cast from the light of pure Being, where ever it lands, nourishes and organizes otherwise jumbled information into something that makes sense to us, something that is alive for us. attention makes our experiences "grow big like trees"* (*please use cave-man accent here)!

this is where it gets even more awesome from my view!

we have the ability to shift our attention around. we have the ability to turn away from one type of information and tune into something else. we have the ability to turn our attention away from negative or low frequency thoughts (fear etc.) and we have the ability to redirect our attention to the more constructive or high frequency thoughts (unity, etc.) that are available to us. we have the ability to turn our attention away from conversation and behavior that is of no use to what and how we want to experience, who and what we want to be, and put it toward something better for us. we can navigate our attention just as we would if we were driving a car. we can navigate away from obstacles and unhealthy information and steer our attention toward the things we want to experience, the things that are better for us, the thoughts we want to process, the conversations we want to have, the blogs we want to read, the relationships we want to experience and so on.

it is by directing your attention on what you want to experience that you bring more of those experiences into your life. your attention is like the magnet that pulls things toward you. if you spend your moments focused on negativity, then you merely draw more negativity into your life. oh what fun! if you spend your scenes being inconsistent on where your attention lands, then you draw inconsistencies into your life. if you focus your attention on the Love underneath this light-filled dance...well, go on and find out what happens.

i think now that i've likened attention to sunlight, a car, and magnets, this blog is totally rad.

and so are you.

let's hug!

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