Saturday, July 19

what was right with it?

Alternate title for this blog would be: "I don't get me"

Release and relief can only come from a shift in your perception. I like understanding why I'm experiencing and interpreting certain situations the way that I do.

It's strange this tendency to interpret passing scenes in such a skewed manner, leaning on the negative, is a habit worth examining in every aspect of life. Be it relationships, finances, careers, and whatever aspect of this human experience you participate in, our recollections seem to hold the undercurrent of “all that has gone wrong for me.”

well, let's pause for a moment. What was right with this passing scene? What was joyful in it? What was amazing about it?

I mean how often do we pause and say that the universe got it wrong, that in all its precision and obvious intelligent design, that it's brought us to the wrong place, wrong time, and wrong situations with the wrong people?

They who can praise their past experiences, are the one's who are truly at peace with all that once was.

I don't know how fully open you can be to life while still harboring old delusions. Whatever your past experiences has birthed, whatever beliefs you've formed in your state of ignorance (not realizing that this entire design is a vast spread of Love), whatever insecure outlook you've adopted, may still be hanging about if you haven't taken the chance to "neutralize" it.

May the gash on my forehead continue to let the true light of this life in...

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