Sunday, July 6

Be Still

(Painting: Angela Ferreira)

"are you okay" is delirious language. the human's very mode of relating indulges the insecure mind, the mind that has not turned inward to see the Reality of all that appears here and now. stories steeped in ignorance are offered as gestures of connecting, when in truth all personal stories but veil the inherent unity and total wellness of all that appears.

wake up from this inherited dream and see the untouched ever-present and thriving life force that appears as all things. call it Being. Suchness. Buddha Nature. God. Source. Love. Void. Emptiness. this is all that lives here, and this is wholeness, peace, and freedom. to live at the surface appearance of this reality is to sleep in darkness in your waking state. live at the essence of all appearances, then you shall know what all this is.

Be Still and know your own nature. for in truth, there is only total Well-Being here. all esle is illusion, the projections of an insecure and deluded mind.

Be Still and know...

your Self.

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