Saturday, June 14

you fascinate me

(cute wonder # 1)

getting back to the wonder...and the cuteness...and the giggles ~

# fluids come together and observing, thinking, feeling happens
# trillions of cells come together, and experiencing this universe happens
# chemicals interact, and the sense of existing as an individual arises
# tiny particles vibrate and collide and this whole dance becomes possible...

this design fascinates me. like right now for instance, this very instant, there is a lot of registering vibration, electrical firing, cellular communication, and all sorts of imperceivable processes taking place in all sorts of ways just so this blog can be composed on the one end, and read and interpreted on the other end.

if even for an instant you stop and think about what processes are taking place for this immediate experiencing to be had, getting lost in the mental projection of some big picture ceases.

sometimes in conversation, these thoughts arise, and i have to hold back the giggles. i'll look at the person talking and go "how in the world is that talking happening right now?" i see the person as the togetherness of all these cells firing light at one another just so the mouth can open, muscles move, the throat does things so noise can come out, just so the two of us can participate in the illusion that something important is actually taking place.

i like to trip myself out because this light show is a trip! this dance of sound, of vibration is so fantastic!

the wonder isn't found in some past image of a time that doesn't exist, nor in the mental construction of a future not yet here. the wonder is found in what's taking place, all that is taking place, right here and right now.

(cute wonder # 2)

the wonder is in all the little tiny things that come together just so information can be organized into experience.

like for instance, who is it that is getting lost in worry, in fear? what happens in order for memory to grab hold of my attention? what is it that is experiencing all of this in this way? what's happening in and to this body for there to be a sense of "me" and for this me to perceive and construct a personal story?

i like to break it down to the basics. i like to stop and ask, so what exactly is happening right now for me to experience this? and who and what is this me experiencing all this?

i have no idea how i came to be, how these cells and particles i can't directly observe do what they do, how any of it comes together in the miraculous and fascinating way that it does...but i sure like to pause and give it some consideration. and when i do, the wonder comes back...and i follow that wonder by thinking "my gosh i love this life" and then i giggle myself back into the dance of this you and i...

[please insert your picture here]
(cute wonder # 3)

i wish i could tell you how much you fascinate me!

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