Saturday, June 7

what True Love sees

(cat mcadams)

what is more absurd than a King who stands in front of a mirror expecting to see the face of a beggar? what is more absurd than Love looking in the mirror and expecting to see something other than itself? what is more absurd than Wholeness looking for a reflection of imperfection? why does an insane mind carry on as though it was making any sense?

true love cannot and does not join you in your delusions of otherness, of lack, and limitation. should i fall prey to blindness, please do not join me. rest assured that whatever lack i perceive is a figment of my own imagination, a construction of my own constricted mind.

what are we here to offer one another? how are we to come to one another here? how do we extend our hand to one another? shall we meet in delusion or in clarity?

stories of some past, of some identity or personality, and the imagination of otherness, is for those who still sleep to the Self that is in all and through all. manage your vision and i shall manage mine. only when we meet in clarity will we know what it is that is coming to meet itself in every moment, in every scene, in every way.

true love cannot and does not stroke our delusions. it is only insanity that agrees with you when you dream a world of a "me" and some other "you."

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