Monday, June 23

to be my Fathers daughter...

The more I ask, the more I receive. And the more I receive the more I long to be just like the giver of all things in this life.

This is such a great life. It’s a life of dreams coming true. It’s a life of receiving and experiencing your hearts deepest longing’s. It's a life of fulfillment in every moment when you're open and allowing.

(Dhira Lawrence - Opening)

Being an offspring of pure love, how can one not aspire to reflect the Love of That which creates all things?

I am overwhelmed by the unconditional love and total trust I receive from this life, from this invisible power. My heart literally aches with gratitude. My eyes well-up as I’m overwhelmed by all that I receive in so many forms. I'm receiving more than I've ever dreamed of from an unseen power I can only call Love.

A whisper of a thought arises, some insignificant question is posed, and the answer comes, rushing to meet my inquiry. There is no question too small or request to insignificant in the eyes of That from which we come from. This is such a loving life. All of our requests, all of our questions big and small, are answered. And all that we long for is ravishingly given.

This Life is Love, and it is all-encompassing, and it cherishes every single one of its creations and their movements.

How can you come from unconditioned generosity, how can you be a part of a power whose total benevolent attention is on you, how can you come from limitless love and reflect and transmit its essence in total purity?

That this life is paying total attention to all of me and my mental wanderings, my mental coming and going's, is so readily demonstrated to me in my scenes over and over again. Here is Life with its ears right at my lips answering and being all that I ask of it.

How to be all-giving like This?

How to be all-loving like This?

How to be all-allowing like This?

How to be the perfect mirror, the open vehicle, for That which birthed me?

Born of Love we perceive and anticipate rejection. Born of the same substance, we perceive differences. How do I come to perceive anything other than this miraculous power?

When I pray to This Love, I pray to be its untainted home. I pray to be taught how to love as That which unreservedly loves all things.

(Dhira Lawrence - Rooted In Love)

I pray that every atom of my being be firmly rooted in Love.

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