Thursday, June 5

releasing resistance

what is it in us, that of all the wonders placed before us, of all the majesty of this life that readily comes to delight us, we hone in on some tiny spec of dirt and focus upon it and feed it with the power of our sacred attention? why do we twist for negativity? when there is so much to feel blessed about, to joyously soar on high about, to celebrate, how do we come to throw ourselves into the fire of a vision of separateness, of insecurity?

if there are any projections you must release in the moment, you will know. you will feel the dis-ease in yourself. you feel discomfort and constriction only when you are pinching off the flow of peace in your system. this stirring of discomfort, this indication, is the chance for you to ask yourself...what am i seeing right now? and should there be the slightest of constriction in you, you can hold the intention to release whatever mental projection you've cast. you can look in and say...

"I now recognize that whatever and whoever I see as other than the loving Self is a mental projection. I now effortlessly release all mental projections and evaluations of myself, and the people and situations in my life. Only Self exists."

when you see your Self in everything that comes to cross your path, when you hold true to your vision of oneness, then nothing that arises can sway you into the low frequency thoughts of separateness, otherness, fear and its various playmates. you know too much to go and stay there. if you've tasted the relief of unity, of Love, then you readily know when you're in any state of resistance. to put it simply, the state of resistance is what we experience as "negative" emotion. that's the indicator that tells you when your vision is cloudy.

you can not soar like a dove when you're unquestioningly rolling around in the dirt of "you are other than me." in every moment and with your every breath, you must i coming from love or am i coming from resistance? and to those that come into your presence, you must look and see, are they offering me love or are they asking me for love?

the lightness of Being is a gift onto itself, but you must be consistent in your seeing to experience it in every scene.

living in Love and giving the Love is a choice we make with every breath, in every scene that presents itself. every scene is a chance for us to demonstrate our inner Light. this higher vision takes committment and a vigilance on your part to be true to it. but at any time and in any place, you can choose to rise into the Love present in the world of multiple appearances.

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