Thursday, June 26

Out with the old, in with the Now

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whatever thoughts you entertain momentarily (or continually) are the filter through which you perceive and experience your moments. in any given moment, whatever thoughts you're giving your attention to, not only define what and how you experience that immediate moment, but they also define and construct the "me" that's experiencing that moment. an insecure "i" is as much a thought form as a confident "i". the persona that arises in any given moment, the thinking, feeling "me" and everything that follows it, is a total construction of thought - a mental image formed of memory.

when you look past the thought filter, when you don't merge your attention with the thoughts that appear, it's almost like perception flat-lines and there's nothing happening. peace. rest. clarity. unity. timelessness. this is what's prior to the movement of thought. it is only when thoughts are fondled, problems and suffering emerge. it is only when attention entangles itself in the play of thought, that the story in which an "I" and a "world" that suffers appears.

(pretty #2)

so your experiences of physical reality are either a consequence of old time-bound (thought) patterns you’re giving life to through the power of your attention, or an outcome of clear and timeless seeing. it’s an either or unfolding in every moment. either you’re experiencing, seeing, and feeling things as they really are, or you’re seeing, feeling, and experiencing things through the veil of mental projections - conditioned thought and memory.

always, you’re either seeing and feeling this experience through timeless eyes, or through the veil of old patterns, memories/conditioning, the arising thought forms.

whatever problem or drama appears, whatever uneasy feeling arises, whatever discomfort arises, is only appearing in the content of the thoughts brought to life by your attention. they're old thoughts that are replaying. in a sense, all problems are completely imaginary - mental projections based on memory. problems and drama have absolutely nothing to do with the timeless instant that is right here and right now, the ground of Self (One, Zero, Big Mind, Buddha, God, Source etc.).

(pretty #3)

old patterns, memories, are instantly dissolved (or neutralized) when timeless seeing, that Self (the ground Reality of all that appears) alone is right here and right now, is recognized. this is the thoughtless perception. this is the thoughtless vision.

every moment is a chance to return the conditioned perception to the unaffected state of pure Being.

mental projections appear to veil the still, unchanging, and timeless foundation of this reality. just as mental projections are incessant, popping up to substitute true perception with every encounter, the return of attention to the timeless state must also be incessant.

the conscious choice to make in every appearing moment is always this – to engage old programs that arise as thought forms, or to return attention to the natural state of pure timeless Being. attention can either incessantly entangle itself with thought and the backless story it weaves, or attention can return home to the natural unchanging state of That which is all things.

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