Sunday, June 8

my gynormous mirror

in every moment, i am the consequence of my own participation.

whatever state of mind i hold and dish out in a given moment, is what comes ricocheting back to me in this reality. i have a handy mirror called the universe that is constantly showing to me what i am emanating.

when i go to someone with a closed mind of how i think they ought to behave, how i think they ought to express their truth or even what their truth should be, and what they should do to change the way they're behaving right now, i get someone coming to me with the same close-minded gift. it is only a closed-mind that says "hey, by seeing this way, you're not being you right now."

to fill your mouth up with assumptions and messily go and bias-ly spill all over someone's momentary vision is one of the ways we slap one another.

what a gift to be able to uncover your own passing state of close-minded-ness.

it is a closed mind that says "hey how you're seeing right now isn't how you should be seeing" as though "my way" is the universal way of seeing. it isn't. this universe is allowing of billions of individual perspectives. this universe is all-inclusive and allows all sorts of varied expressions to emerge. how unconditional?!

on a clear day i know that whoever the being and whatever their doing, it is theirs to do. it is their unfolding and it is their truth, and so no matter what they say or how they are saying it, it is totally valid and right for them to do so. it is their standpoint. i don't need to step in and say "wait i thought you wanted to be like this" or "hey it would be better for you to think this other way."

that subtle position "hey you're not seeing like me right now so something must be wrong with you" itself is based and can only ever be based on my own biased assuming of what i imagine works for someone else. it's strange because you can never know or experience someone else's state of view directly to be able to say "oh no, it would be better if you saw this way right now instead" or "oh no, your truth should look like this instead." you just can't and don't know for you only ever have your own individual view.

and the way it seems to go, when what you have to say and what your view is resonates with another point of view, you have a way of magically coming together.

my truth is that there is no right view to hold in any given moment what's so ever. there is only the view that is working and arising for you. those whose view is a match have a cool way of coming together. and those whose view isn't a match don't even come close to one another. we seem to only ever attract our own state of mind toward us. whatever my experience is right now, it is here because i have invited it with the attractive power of my own perception.

when someone expresses their truth, no matter how it tastes to me, i'd like to genuinely be able to see clearly and say, "that's awesome!" and see the truth that irregardless of what they say or do, they are the loving Self that is all things. nothing takes away from their divine truth except my own close-minded-ness.

nothing here loses its Divinity nor is the Divinity of something here diminished because of the concepts momentarily being expressed.

hey all-inclusive universe, i want to be all-allowing just like you.

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