Monday, June 9

Make It Yours

(picture: Robin Urton - Conversation)

what is it about us that has us looking to one another for validation and reassurance in our seeing? is this insecurity also? i mean, i notice that when ever we find something that works for us, we go trying to feed it to the people in our environment as though our experience depended upon it. either that or we go asking one another "hey, this is what i experienced, is this the truth, is this how i should have experienced it?"

does your truth remain your truth only when there are other's agreeing with you? do you really need someone else to take a bite of the cake you're enjoying to really believe that it tastes great?

it's fantastic when those of like-intentions gather together but your reality is your reality and you don't need anyone to agree with you to make it true, and to make it yours. you generate the scene and you generate the meaning and you live out the experience. you are always directly connected to the heart of life, and you can live out this dream anyway your heart desires. you don't need anyone to agree with you. it's all about you. you are the center of your universe, of your experiences. each being is directly connected to the source of all that appears here. there is no need or requirement that for you to enjoy your experiences, other's have to see it just like you.

one of the most liberating conclusions i made is that my truth is just that, mine. no one else really has to agree with it for me to live it. i don't need anyone to see like me to enjoy my point of view and i got to the point of not at all caring what anyone else thinks of my view. i lost interest in the guru's of the world who had their own truths to offer, when i found my inner indicators. i imagine that this is what standing on your own and going your own way is about. i imagine that this is what acknowledging your direct connection to All That Is is about. that you cease looking and searching for other people to say "oh yes, that is the truth for sure, and you're okay now."

(picture: Robin Urton - Cosmos Dancer)

each being generates a truth to live out. each one is a cosmic dancer and weaver of a reality. our viewpoints are as unique as the thumbprints we sport. that is the magic of this exploratory experience. but we suppress the power to enjoy our creative dance when we look to others to tell us if what and how we see is okay. we seem to constantly be looking to one another insecurely asking, "hey is it okay for me to see this way?" who cares what anyone else thinks about your view? you are as miraculous and as magnificent as everything and everyone that has ever appeared here or will ever appear here. the question is not "is your truth true for them?"

(picture: Robin Urton - Awakening)

live your truth, own it and enjoy it for as long as it works for you. decide for yourself what you like and don't like and let other people do that for themselves also. life will bring you a change in perception when you're ready for it. but it comes from within yourself. and when someone, including me, fluffs their tail-feather and comes to tell you how their unique point of view would be better for you, and it doesn't fit or resonate, smile and nod for the delusion you were just offered and shake it off.

each one of us has a direct connection to the all-present source of all knowledge. look inward and trust your own guidance, your own feelings and intuitions. the true teacher, the true guru, always resides within and nothing from the outside can know the reality that lives inside of you. everything here is a walking individualized perspective, just like this one. don't deny your connection to the source of all these "truths" that float about this dream world. not a single being on this earth is without a direct connection to the all-knowing power. there is no one here with access to something you yourself don't have direct access to. the principles of this dream world apply to all within it. there never was, never is, and never will be anyone special here with a secret passage way into life's gorgeous heart. there is no special knowledge that is out of your direct reach.

(picture: Robin Urton - The Connection)

listen to your voice and go on and make this gorgeous universe yours. you don't need anyone else to tell you that your plate of goodies, your plate of ideas, is delicious when you yourself can taste and decide.

you are connected.

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