Sunday, June 15

just 'cause

and i can hear your thoughts from here
and i can feel your heart from here
so stare just a little longer
and sigh just a little louder
i can hear you
i can feel you
i'm sitting here softly whispering...
it's you
it's always been you
this is our place
this is our dance
and my words want to always come and say...
it's you who i love ~

[insert beautiful fragrant lilies here along with a hug and kisses from me]

these are words waiting to come and find you...they've been trying to squeeze themselves out all morning long, but i'm half distracted and half enchanted by a love story the gods are trying to sing for me. i can't make out all the notes, but all that i've come to now hear fills my eyes with joyful tears. it's a wonderful story, it's a beautiful song.

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