Monday, June 2

in Love, on Oneness

now i see clearly how relationships are the juicy meal we all like to feast on. i get it. it's fun to talk about the boys and girls in our lives. it's fun to oh and ah and wow and ew over our social tap-dancing. i see how it's weirdly important to define ourselves as someone's so and so, someone's significant partner, lover, ex something or other. yet ironically for me, it's when the best partner in the world came into my life that talking about love and loving on that level lost all of it's appeal. it ceased being interesting. i can rarely offer it as a conversational piece and only do so if it will be my platform to talk about surrendering to the truest of all relationships.

what is the truest of all relationships? your relationship to your Self.

we've defined love so erroneously. conventional definition of love takes the divinity of that higher essence, that higher energy, and tries throw it in the mud. what we call love in the ordinary sense is festering with possessiveness and insecurity. it's very twisted. we experience that feeling connection which in its purest form is a revelation of our true Self, of what we really are, and we muck it up and dress it up in rigid mental costumes. we impose restrictions upon it because of our insecurity. it's mine and no one else can have it. we get attached and grasp at the person who inspired us into seeing what we really are.

the conventional understanding of love is a mirror of our misunderstanding of who we are and what this life is.

the person that you love is merely inspiring you to see your own true inner Being. fall in love with your Self, for this is the truest of all loves. the world and all those other beings, relationships, you come across are only your mirror. they can only reveal to you your own vibration, clear or murky and confused as it might be.
what is this mirror showing to you? are you Love or are you insecurity today? are you aligned to the ever-present Love or are you resisting it today?

when you fall in love, you are for that instant seeing clearly the energy that you are. you are inspired into alignment with your Self. the object of your love, that person you fall in love with, is a window or a mirror inspiring you into a clear vision of what you yourself truly are. you are Love. you are that energy. there is nothing else here. and the only thing that veils this, is your own resistance to your true nature.

the truest thing i can ever say while looking into those eyes that i love looking into is not "i love you" but rather "i am you." there is nothing truer than this statement. it is an acknowledgment that our ego's are see-through masks that attempt to cover our inherent oneness. All is Love.

'cause my t-shirt says so.

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